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Here's a listing by months (partial I guess!) of movements I've found for the regiment up to 1900.
  • January 3rd 1882- 2nd Bn arrives at Newry from Dover.
  • February 21st 1890 - 2nd Bn leaves Malta for Bombay arriving 10th March.
  • March 6th 1900 - Detail of 1st Bn (separated from Battn in Malta 1899) leaves Colchester for Fermoy, arriving 7th March.
  • March 7th 1900 - Detail of 1st Bn (separated from Battn in Malta 1899) arrives at Fermoy from Colchester.
  • March 10th 1890 -2nd Bn arrive Bombay from Malta.
  • April 16th 1888 -2nd Bn leaves Guernsey for Portsmouth arriving 18th April.
  • April 18th 1888 -2nd Bn arrives at Portsmouth from Guernsey.
  • April 29th 1895 - 1st Bn leaves Woolwich for Aldershot arriving same day.
  • May 4th 1900 - Detail of 1st Bn (seperated from Battn in Malta 1899) arrive at Kilworth from Fermoy.
  • May 25th 1893 - 1st Bn leaves Dover for Woolwich arriving 26th May.
  • May 26th 1893 - 1st Bn arrives at Woolwich from Dover.
  • June 1st 1886 - 2nd Bn. moves from Dublin to Galway.
  • July 22nd 1884 - 2nd Bn moves from Newry to Dublin.
  • August 23rd 1887 - 2nd Bn. moves from Galway to Guernsey arriving 26th August.
  • August 26rd 1887 - 2nd Bn. arrives at Guernsey from Galway.
  • September 6th 1899 - Detail of 1st Bn separated from Battn leaves Malta for Southampton, arrives 14th September.
  • September 14th 1899 - Detail of 1st Bn separated from Battn arrives at Southampton from Malta, then moves to Shorncliffe.
  • September 27th 1899 - 1st Bn leaves Malta on “S.S. Sumatra” for Natal arrives 29th October.
  • October 4th 1900 - Detail of 1st Bn (seperated from Battn in Malta 1899) arrives at Kilworth from Fermoy.
  • October 29th 1899 - 1st Bn arrives Natal from Malta on boards “S.S. Sumatra.”.
  • November 2nd 1888 – 2nd Bn leave Portmouth for Malta arriving 13th November.
  • November 10th 1897 - 1st Bn leaves Aldershot for Southampton arrives same day, and embarks for Malta, where arrives 19th November.
  • November 13th 1888 – 2nd Bn arrives at Malta from Portsmouth.
  • November 19th 1897 -1st Bn arrives in Malta from Southampton.
  • November 20th 1890 - 1st Bn. Leaves Portsmouth bound for Bombay arriving 15th December.
  • December 15th 1890 - 1st Bn.Arrives Bombay, having left Portsmouth on 20th December 15th.
  • December 26th 1899 – Detail of 1st Bn (separated from Battn in Malta) leaves Shornclife for Colchester arriving same day.
  • December 30th 1881- 2nd Bn leaves Dover for Newry arriving 3rd January 1882.