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File alt font awesome.svg Posted by Gordon » 03 May 2016, 04:18
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Good afternoon,

Having recently found out that my wife's great-great uncle (at the time, Capt HM Meyler, MC) was transferred from the 4th Middx to the 1st Borders in the mid to latter half of 1915, I would like to know of any forum members have a copy of the war diaries showing his transfer to this unit? I have a picture of him in his Sam Browne's clearly showing the Border Regt cap badge. However he then transferred out early 1916 and joined the RFC as a balloon artillery observer (though still badged as Borders).

Many thanks


File alt font awesome.svg Posted by plbramham » 18 May 2016, 20:21

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I believe you can get a copy of 1st (& 2nd) Border War Diaries in a book form from e bay (I got them for the 8th & 11th). They are quality facsimile pages (not a transcript, so can be a bit hard to tread. Not cheap though, maybe Amazon books might have it as a cheaper option?

Regards, Paul.