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4 October

From the Lonsdale Battalion wiki

Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 4 October.
For events that took place elsewhere, see 4 October on The Great War wiki.

1914 (Sunday)

  • Recruiting Office sends 9 attestation papers.[1]

1916 (Wednesday)

  • Battalion leaves Annezin for the front line trenches in the Cambrin Sector, relieving the 1st Dorsetshire Regiment (14th Brigade); relief commences at 11:30am and completes at 4:15pm.
  • At 7:55pm, 8:44pm and 10:29pm a combined shoot of stokes mortars, rifle fire and machine gun fire is carried out by the 8th Division lasting for 5 minutes (each shoot).
  • Battalion cooperates with the rifle and machine gun; the enemy retaliates with a few minenwerfers[a] and oil cans.
  • Thomas Henry Linney (13313 L/Cpl.) transfers to the 1st Border Regiment.

1917 (Thursday)

  • Battalion holds the left sub-sector of Lombardzyde Sector – dispositions are unchanged.
  • One other rank is wounded.


  1. A class of German short range mortars developed around 1908-1909, used extensively during the First World War.


  1. Record No. DLONS/L/13/13/12
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