97th Brigade

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The 97th Brigade was a military unit forming part of the 32nd Division of the British Army during the First World War. It was raised as part of Kitchener's Army and served on the Western Front. The 11th Battalion Border Regiment (Lonsdale) was assigned to this Brigade.


The following infantry battalions served at different times.[1]

  • 11th 11th Border Regiment (Lonsdale) – left May 1918
  • 15th Highland Light Infantry (Glasgow Tramways) – left January 1916
  • 16th Highland Light Infantry (Glasgow Boys Brigade) – left February 1918
  • 17th Highland Light Infantry (3rd Glasgow) – disbanded February 1918
  • 2nd King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry – joined December 1915
  • 97th Machine Gun Company – joined March 1916
  • 97th Trench Mortar Battery – joined March 1916
  • 10th Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders – joined February 1918
  • 1/5th Border Regiment – joined May 1918

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References / notes[edit]

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