A Popular History of The Great War/Volume 1/Page 205

The home of the Lonsdale Battalion 1914-1918
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advance guard crossed the Drina, pushing eastward, while a detachment of the 4th Austrian corps effected a crossing of the Save nearShabatz. On the following clay, pontoon bridges having been constructed at several points, the Austrians began to pour across the river and to march into Serbia, During the whole of August 13 the Serbian rearguard showed the utmost resolution and pluck by denying the crossings to the enemy. Only when night had fallen to cover its movements did it fall back and occupy positions facing the Austidan 8th and 13thcorps. Thesecorpshadincurredseriouslossesinstorming theSerbianpositionsontheDrina. Onthe14ththeAustrians resumed their forward niovement. The 81h corps marched on Tzer ; the 13th corps straddled the valley of the Jadar with a division on either bank; while a third division and the regiment ofmountainartillerythreatenedtheSerbianflank. Assoonas

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