A Popular History of The Great War/Volume 1/Page 221

The home of the Lonsdale Battalion 1914-1918
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Moltke, in supreme command of the German armies, was tempted by the French advance to forgo the original plan of the sweep through Brussels and reach a decision by crushing the French inLorraine. Tothisendhedivertedfourreservecoq)s,detailed to strengthen his right wing, to the support of the Lorraine armies, and although at the eleventh hour he changed his mind and reverted to the original plan, his policy encouraged the German commanders of the Lorraine armies to take the initiative. The ambition for personal glory amongst the royal and other commanders of the German armies was a factor which was per- petually to interfere with the strategy of the German high com- mand throughout the war. In this instance the lack of what p'oeh subsequently described as '‘intellectual discipline'* in the court general Prince Rupert of Bavaria had extremely significant

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