A Popular History of The Great War/Volume 1/Page 223

The home of the Lonsdale Battalion 1914-1918
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every man they could spare. At it was, half the number of troops they had in Lorraine could have kept the French in check; twice the nuinbcr would have been insufficient for a really decisive counter-attack. The French were compelled to retreat, but the Germans were unable to press their advantage


Thus early in the struggle the eastern line became established, running in a generally south-east direction from a point north of Verdun, north of Nancy to the Swiss frontier east of Belfort. And although there was some terrible fighting along this section, particularly at Verdun and Nancy, there was no real movement ofanysizeuntilthesummerof1918. However,themagnificent defence which the two French generals and* the remnants of their armies made of that long line during the end of August and’ the early days of September, 1914, was the rock upon which was based the victory of the Marne. For the unshakable

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