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The home of the Lonsdale Battalion 1914-1918
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A Popular History of The Great War   ·   Volume 1: The First Phase: 1914

Maps and Plans
Balkans in 1878 and 1914 16 Battle of Guise and St. Quentin 273
Alinement of European Countries in the War 62 German Deployment and Advance to the Marne 283
German Advance into Belgium 156 First Battle of the Marne 291
Campaign in East Prussia 177 Arrest of German Advance at the Marne 294
Galicia 188 Battle of Heliogoland 307
District around Lemberg 193 First Battle of the Aisne 335
Belgrade 205 Cameroons 417
Alsace-Lorraine 217 Antwerp and Environs 433
Battle or Morhange 221 Battle of Le Bassée 459
Battle of Virton 223 Bismarck Archipelago 472
Charleroi and Mons 233 Battle of the Yser 488
Battle of Mons 235 First Battle of Ypres 516
Battle of Charleroi 243 Battle of Coronel 552
First Battle of Le Cateau 249 Battle of Faulkland Islands 556
Battle of Compiègne 260
List of Plates
Sir Johhn French Arrives at Boulogne                   Frontisipiece Earl Kitchener 9
Edward the Peacemaker 1 Fort Loncin, Liége, Shattered by German Guns 10
King George V 2 Heroes of Belgium's Stand for Freedom 11
The King's Call to Arms 3 Asquith, Grey, Fisher and Robertson 12
Sir E. Grey in Parliament 4 The Men Behind the Fleet 13
Crime that Precipitated the War 5 Dominion Personalities Prominent in the War 14
Monarch of Central Powers 6 The Kaiser with his Chief of Staff 15
Cheering the King at Buckingham Palace 7 Serbian Heroes, Belgrade and Serajevo 16
Sir John French, Haig, and Smith-Dorrien 8 Gunboat on the Danube 17
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