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File alt font awesome.svg Posted by plbramham » 07 Jan 2014, 11:12

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Hi folks,

Just thought I'd share this rather nice bit of trench art I've bought. Allegedly it's Boer War but I reckon it could actually be anytime from amalgamation in 1881 to the First World War. Sorry Scottie if it was you bidding against me - like you I have a bit of a passion about the Boer War.

I regret the lack of interest in the regiment's, "neglected years" - Boer War, inter War, WW2, even post war - everyone just only seems obsessed with the First World War!

This year is the centenary of WW1, BUT it is also the 75th anniversary of WW2, and it is 25th years since the KORBR were in Northern Ireland for the 20th anniversary of "The Troubles" (I was with them!)

Remember all of them , not just WW1!

Anyway thought you might like to see this tatty little wooden plaque, which I have rescued and now resides in my "mini-museum"!

Regards Paul

File alt font awesome.svg Posted by CockneyTone » 14 Jan 2014, 12:03
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A lovely little piece and glad to see its gone to a good home and it is on display.

You were not bidding against me but in future it might be worth pm ing each other so we are not in competition! We have just downsized to a smaller house so I am not buying anything apart from the odd book!

Best wishes,