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In memory of
John Bardgett
(15309 L/Cpl.)

11th Border Regiment
Who died 1st July 1916.
If you have any enquiries regarding anything to do with the museum, visit their website here: http://www.cumbriasmuseumofmilitarylife.org or go to their enquiries/contact us page by clicking here: http://www.cumbriasmuseumofmilitarylife.org/about-us/contact-us/ [1]

  1. This post from 2008 when the old links were active. The Border Regiment museum has since updated it's website and, as a result this, we have replaced the links with current ones.
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Some information from a letter I have just received from the Museum:
  • Curator Stuart A Eastwood BA, AMA
  • Assistant Curator Tony Goddard I.Mech.E
  • Telephone 01228532774
  • Email : borderregiment@aol.com or Korbmuseum@aol.com [updated email address: enquiries@cmoml.org]

You are encouraged if doing research to use the standard form which is on the website, the adress is on the previous post.