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Strength of 1st Border Regiment Officers, Burma 1914

From the Lonsdale Battalion wiki
Main article 1st Battalion Call to Arms (1914)

The 1st Border Regiment was just one of many infantry battalions listed as part of the British garrison of India and Burma, a total of 52 in all; of these 49 were in India and the remaining three, of which the 1st Battalion was one, were in Burma along with 4th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment and 1st Battalion Royal Munster Fusiliers. Prior to Britain’s declaration of war against Germany in August 1914, the Indian Army List for the strength of the Battalion’s Officers were as follows:

Lt-Col. R.O.C. Hume (on leave out of India)
Major A.W.S. Moffat Major C.D. Vaughan (SSO Maymyo)
Major G.C. Brooke Major A.E. St. V. Pollard (officiating DAAG Burma Division)
Capt. H. Nelson Capt. G.A. Morton (Mandalay)
Capt. S.H.F. Muriel (Wellington) Capt. G.H. Harrison
Capt. S. Pershouse (Depot) Capt. S.H. Worrall (Depot)
Capt. A.J. Ellis (adjutant)
Lieut. F.H.S. Le Mesurier Lieutenant P.J. Egerton (on leave out of India)
Lieut. R.H.H. Moore (Mandalay) Lieut. J. Forbes-Robertson
Lieut. H.E. Festing (Assistant Instructor, School of Musketry, Satara) Lieut. R. Head
Lieut. P.G.W. Diggle (Depot) Lieut. R.B. Taylor
Lieut. G.C. May Lieut. J.G. Heyder
Lieut. D.A. James Lieut. J.B.B. Warren (on leave out of India)
2nd Lieut. C.A. Cuningham (on leave out of India) 2nd Lieut. A.F.C Rutherford (on leave out of India)
2nd Lieut. W.O. Lay 2nd Lieut. F.I. Perry
Hon. Lieut. W. Ennis (Quartermaster)
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