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File alt font awesome.svg Posted by plbramham » Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:20 am

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A party of WW1 (or maybe pre-war territorials at summer camp perhaps?) stretcher bearers wearing Border Regiment cap badges and SB (stretcher bearer) arm bands, except for their Sergeant on the left who has a Red Cross on his armband.

Note that the corporal on the right has the round Red Cross cloth insignia on his upper sleeve denoting RAMC, and a different cap badge - I’m presuming again RAMC. (Maybe 3rd West Lancashire Field Ambulance who were based at Kendal drill hall with 4th Border Regiment (territorials)?

The Border men all have some other sort of arm insignia which I cannot make out. Remembering that bandsmen became stretcher bearers on the battlefield I wondered if it is some sort of musicians’ trade badge?

The caption (added later) to the photo suggests they may be 4th battalion at Carlisle racecourse, but I think that is just someone guessing. Can anyone spot any matches with the faces of the 4th Border band at Maymyo in 1915 on this other posting?

The photo is labelled “YMCA series” who I know did produce territorial series of pictures for lantern shows etc, obviously dating after 1908 - the year territorial battalions were formed.