Taylor, 10575 (DCM)

The following text is a Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) transcription of a Border Regiment soldier of the First World War.

Name W. A Taylor
Rank Sergeant
Number 10575
Other details Border Regiment (Finchley N.)
Date published 3 September 1918
Citation For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty when in charge of stretchers. Hearing that all his company officers and senior NCO’s were down he left his job and went forward to take charge of the company at great personal danger, passing through a heavy barrage. He took charge of the remainder of the company, collected stragglers, organised them into bombing and Lewis gun sections, with the result that when another came he found all the work had been done. During lulls he produced a piccolo, and by playing popular airs cheered up and put new spirits into his men.
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