The Great War:4 July

The home of the Lonsdale Battalion 1914-1918
Great War events that took place on 4 July.

Events preceding British Declaration of War[edit source | hide]

1915[edit source | hide]

  • (Wf) - Battle of the Argonne dies down; Crown Prince fails to break the French line.
  • (Ef) - Austro-Germans reach the Zlota Lipa.
  • (Sf) - Heavy attack by Turks against Naval and 29th Divisions repulsed (Gallipoli).
    •  Serbians enter Durazzo (Albania).
  • (Ae) - Lahej (near Aden) attacked by Turks.
  • (Na) - SMS Königsberg (cruiser) partially destroyed by monitors in Rufiji river (German East Africa).
    •  French liner Carthage torpedoed and sunk off Cape Helles.

1916[edit source | hide]

  • (Wf) - Heavy thunderstorms impede operations. British take Bernafay Wood, east of Montauban; make air attacks on Comines, Combles, St. Quentin.
    •  French capture Estrées, Belloy-en-Santerre, and Sormont Farm: advance from Curlu towards Hem.
    •  Germans regain Thiaumont (Verdun).
  • (Ef) - Second Great Russian advance in the Ukraine under General Lesch; they cross Styr at Kolki and Rafalovka and drive the Austrians towards the Stokhod. Further south they cut Carpathian railway at Mikolichin.
  • (Sf) - Italians continue to advance in Trentino.
  • (Na) - The SMS Goeben and SMS Breslau bombard Russian ports in Black Sea.
  • (Po) - Ignatius Tribitch Lincoln, ex-M.P., sentenced to three years penal servitude for forgery.

1917[edit source | hide]

  • (Wf) - Aeroplane raid on Harwich (17 killed, 30 injured).
  • (Ae) - Turkish cavalry reconnaissance from Beersheba (Palestine); shelled and forced to retreat.
  • (Na) - German submarine attack in force on U.S. transports defeated.
    •  Issue of report on operations in East Africa.[1]
    •  British mine-sweeper sunk in Mediterranean.
    •  Ponta Delgada (Azores) shelled by enemy submarine.

1918[edit source | hide]

  • (Wf) - Australians and Americans re-capture village of Hamel and Vaire Wood (east of Amiens).
  • (Ef) - Czecho-Slovaks defeat Bolsheviks near Nikolaievsk (50 miles north of Vladivostok) and occupy the town.
  • (Sf) - Continued Italian advance in Piave delta and on Grappa front.
  • (Po) - British Government reiterates British right of search, but waives it re Dutch Convoy to East Indies.
    •  American Independence Day celebrations.
    •  Proclamation at Constantinople of Vahid-ed-Din as Sultan.

References/notes[edit source | hide]

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  1. The chief fighting is reported from the coast district south of Kilwa and in the region between Lake Nyassa and the Central Railway. The main German force is retreating south. In the south German forces marching across Portuguese territory reached the British border east of Lake Nyassa, but were driven back by British and Portuguese columns from the south.