The Great War:7 January

The home of the Lonsdale Battalion 1914-1918
Great War events that took place on 7 January.

1915 (Thursday)[edit source | hide | hide all]

  • French occupy Burnhaupt-le-Haut (Alsace).
  • Heavy German attacks on the lower Ravka river repulsed.
  • British Note with "preliminary observations" in reply to American Note of 29 December 1914 on interference with neutral trade.[note 1]

1916 (Friday)[edit source | hide]

1917 (Sunday)[edit source | hide]

1918 (Monday)[edit source | hide]

Notes[edit source | hide]

  1. The Note admits that a belligerent Power should interfere with neutral trade only when its national safety demands it, but holds that this does not exclude the right to interfere with contraband destined for the enemy. It is further admitted that foodstuffs should not be detained without a presumption that they are intended for the armed forces of the enemy, but it is added that Britain can give no unconditional undertaking to observe this principle in view of the methods of warfare followed by the Central Powers. The Note insists on the necessity, under modern conditions, of bringing ships into port for examination. It is pointed out that Britain's policy has been forced upon her by the growing danger that neutral countries will become bases of military supplies for the enemy.

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Various sources contemporary to the war have been used to compile The Great War:On This Day. The majority of events, additional notes and other appendices such as statistical data etc., have been primarily sourced from reprints of the following copyright-expired publications: The information in these works were correct at the time of their respective publication dates. In some instances the information may not accurately represent correct spelling of place names and geographical / political boundaries due to modern-day changes since the Armistice. All other sources have been referenced separately where appropriate.