The Great War:9 July

The home of the Lonsdale Battalion 1914-1918
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Great War events that took place on 9 July.


Events preceding British Declaration of War[edit]

  • Austria-Hungary: Emperor receives report of Austro-Hungarian investigation into the Sarajevo crime.
  • The Times publishes account of Austro-Hungarian press campaign against the Serbians (who are described as "pestilent rats").
  • Scheme for Provisional Government in Ireland.[1]


  • (Ef) - Austrian offensive on Zlota Lipa repulsed.
  • (Sf) - Italians capture Malga Sarta and Costa Bella (Trentino).
  • (Ae) - Bomb thrown at Sultan of Egypt.
  • (Na) - South-west Africa conquered; German troops surrender unconditionally to General Botha. Attempted torpedo attack on Cunarder Orduna.
  • (Po) - Anglo-Portuguese Treaty of Commerce ratified at Lisbon. Lord Kitchener appeals for more recruits at Guildhall. Mr. Walter Long makes statement on conscription.[2] Export of gold prohibited in France.


  • (Wf) - Two German aeroplane raids on south-east coast, no damage. English make slight progress at Ovillers; fighting continues in Trones Wood.
    • French advance along Bray-Peronne road; take Biaches, reach outskirts of Barleux. French air squadrons bomb Ham and Bolancourt.
  • (Ae) - Turks threaten attack on Tigris.
  • (Na) - German submarine Deutschland arrives at Norfolk (Virginia) from Bremen; proceeds with mails and cargo to Baltimore. Russian hospital ship Yperyod torpedoed in Black Sea.
  • (Po) - Mr. E. S. Montagu appointed Minister of Munitions.


  • (Wf) - British line advanced slightly on Messines front. German counter-attack on Aisne front repulsed. French counter-attacks successful at Braye-en-Laonnois (Aisne).
  • (Ef) - Russian offensive progresses south-west of Halicz, enemy driven back behind River Lomnica; 1,000 prisoners.
  • (Sf) - Austrian attacks on Italian positions west of Tolmino (Upper Isonzo) repulsed.
  • (Ae) - British aeroplanes bomb Constantinople and the Turkish-German fleet. Russians report evacuation of towns on Mesopotamian front owing to Turkish pressure.
  • (Na) - HMS Vanguard blown up as a result of internal explosion; 3 survivors of those on board at the time.
  • (Po) - Secret Session of House of Commons on London air-raids.


  • (Ef) - Bolsheviks take Sizran and Bulgulma, and reach Stavropol (north-west of Samara). Martial law at Moscow.
  • (Sf) - Successful Italian progress in Albania.
  • (Na) - Announced that ships lost homeward bound to UK since 1 January 1918 rather more than 1 per cent.
  • (Po) - Salzburg Conference opens re economic relations of Central Powers. Resignation of von Kuhlmann (German Foreign Secretary); succeeded by Admiral von Hintze. Appointments of Mr. J. R. Clynes, M.P. as (British) Food Controller.


Lord Edward Gleichen (1918–1920). Chronology of the War. Volumes I, II & III. Constable & Company, London. (Copyright expired)

  1. The House of Lords completed the recasting of the Amendment Bill (Ireland). Among the Amendments adopted was one excluding unionists of the West and South (as well as Ulster) from the jurisdiction of the judiciary appointed by the Home Rule Government; and another withdrawing the administration of the Land Purchase Acts from the control of the Irish Parliament.
  2. Mr. Long declared to a deputation that though the National Registration Bill does not contemplate compulsory service, The Government have not tied their hands in the matter.