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Great War events on this day, 10 July


Events preceding British Declaration of War[edit]


  • (Ef) - Austrians counter-attack on Bistritza (Krasnik). General Russki, Commander-in-Chief, Northern front.
  • (Ae) - Turks attack Russians near Karaderbent (Transcaucasia).
  • (Na) - General Botha makes known terms of surrender in south-west Africa. Lord Kitchener cables congratulations and invites him to England.
  • (Po) - German reply to American Note published.[1]


  • (Wf) - Germans regain footing in Trones Wood. British gain ground east of Ovillers and in Bois de Mametz. French advance further towards Péronne; take Hill 97 (south-east of Biaches) with La Maisonette Farm.
  • (Ef) - Germans rally and offer strong resistance on west bank of the Stokhod. Austrians concentrate troops for big offensive on south side of Lutsk salient. Russians claim 300,000 prisoners to date.
  • (Na) - Italian destroyer Impetuoso torpedoed and sunk by submarine in Lower Adriatic.


  • (Wf) - After intense bombardment Germans gain ground to the east of the mouth of the Yser (Nieuport) and cut off and destroy parts of two British battalions, taking over 1,000 prisoners. British counter-attack drives Germans from advanced positions gained near Lombartzyde.
  • (Ef) - Capture of Halicz (Galicia) by Russians; enemy pursued across River Lomnica, 2,000 prisoners taken.
  • (Po) - Official statement gives British captures on all fronts since beginning of war as 117,772 prisoners and 759 guns.


  • (Wf) - French capture whole of Courcy (village east of Villers-Cotterets).
  • (Ef) - General Horvath (Czecho-Slovak Commander) establishes new Siberian Government at Grodekovo (north-west of Vladivostok).[2]
  • (Sf) - Italians occupy Berat (Albania).
  • (Na) - Carpathia S.S. (Cunard Liner) torpedoed and sunk in Atlantic, west of Ireland, 5 lost.
  • (Po) - Mr. Asquith on President Wilson and League of Nations.


Lord Edward Gleichen (1918–1920). Chronology of the War. Volumes I, II & III. Constable & Company, London. (Copyright expired)

  1. Germany declares her campaign essential for combatting the blockade. She undertakes to respect American vessels not carrying contraband and guaranteed by the USA to that effect, or neutral vessels under the American flag bearing the same guarantee.
  2. New Siberian Government: General Horvath, Premier, issues programme, viz., abolition of Bolshevik rule, fidelity to Allies, autonomy for Siberia as part of Russia; religious toleration.