The Lonsdale Battalion:Roll of Honour progress update

The following table comprises other ranks only. Officers are not included in this roll, they will have a separate listing. It is likely there may be some names missing from this roll due to differences and discrepancies in the primary sources: Soldiers Died in the Great War (1921) and Soldiers Died in the Great War. It is entirely possible that names, service numbers, ranks and any other identifiable information may have been misrepresented between these records. This could result in the same person having two different records where one could be listed under the 11th Border Regiment in CWGC, while the other record for the same person could show him as listed under the 8th Border Regiment in SDGW. This is the result of a delay in the records being updated before the rolls went to print. Similarly, soldiers who enlisted in the Lonsdale Battalion could have transferred (or be temporarily attached) to another unit, including other battalions of the Border Regiment, making them more difficult to find and include in the roll.

Roll Current progress Total no. entries
A    Completed 23
B    Completed 103
C    Completed 57
D    Completed 49
E    Completed 16
F    Completed 25
G    Completed 48
H    Completed 81
I    Completed 9
J    Completed 22
K    Completed 17
L Almost done
M Not started yet
N    Completed 26
O    Completed 9
P Not started yet
Q    Completed 1
R Not started yet
S Not started yet
T Not started yet
U    Completed 2
V    Completed 2
W Not started yet
Y    Completed 2