The Year 1915 Illustrated/Contents

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A Heroine Of The War – Nurse Edith Cavell 8-11
Death Of Field-Marshal Lord Roberts 12
Diary Of The War – November 1914 To October 1915 15-36
Antwerp And After – German Offensive On Flanders Coast 39-40
Battle Of La Bassée 43
First Battle Of Ypres 44
Autumn Campaign in the East 51
      The First Assault on Warsaw 51
      The Second Advance 52
The War on the Seas (November and December) 55
      Naval Reverse in the Pacific 55
      Victory off the Falkland Islands 55
      Explosion on the "Bulwark" and Sinking of the "Formidable" 59
The Fall of Tsing-Tau 63
Victory of the Serbian Army 64
The Intervention of Turkey 67
The Winter and Spring Campaigns in the East 71
      Third and Fourth Attempts on Warsaw 71
      The Battles of the Carpathian Passes 72
      The Fall of Przemyzl 76
Winter in the Western Trenches 79
Battle of Neuve Chappelle 80-92
Naval Battle in the North Sea 95-96
The Intervention of Italy 99-103
Germany's Piracy Blockade 104-108
      The Loss of the Lusitania 108
The Dardanelles and Gallipoli 112-120
The Second Battle of Ypres 123-128
      Battle of Festubert 128
End of the Liberal Government 131
The Coalition 132
The Russian Retreat in Galicia and Poland 135-136
Zeppelin Raids 139-144
Lord Kitchener's Review of the War 147-156