The Year 1915 Illustrated/Diary of Events Apart from the War

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Nov 10 M. Rodin, the great French sculptor, presented many of his works to the British nation.
Jan 01 Nine persons killed and twenty injured in railway accident at Ilford.
Jan 03 Lord Wimborne appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland in succession to Marquis of Aberdeen.
Jan 13 Violent earthquake shock in Italy caused destruction of Avezzano, and loss of 33,541 lives.
Mar 09 Welsh Church Act Postponement Bill passed through House of Lords.
Apr 14 Sir David Erskine, Serjeant-at-Arms since 1885, retired.
Apr 28 International Conference of Women opened at The Hague.
May 15 Revolution in Portugal.
May 22 Railway Accident at Quintinshill, near Carlisle.
Jun 03 King George attained the age of fifty.
Jun 09 Mr. Bryan, United States Secretary of State, resigned his office.
Jul 21 Strike Riots in New Jersey.
Jul 24 Loss of 1,200 lives by capsizing of Eastland on Chicago river U.S.A.
Aug 13 Hurricane visited Jamaica and seriously injured banana crop.
Aug 14 Railway accident at Weedon, on the L. and N.W. Railway. Nine killed.
Aug 17 Message was received from Stefansson, head of the Canadian Polar Expedition of 1913, who had been given up as lost.
Aug 28 Dr. John Clifford preached his farewell sermon at Westbourne Park Chapel.
Oct 02 Bill for establishing University at Benares was passed by Legislative Council of India.
Oct 10 Rev. R. J. Campbell preached his farewell sermon at the City Temple.
Oct 11 Panama Canal blocked by a landslide.

Obituary, 1915[edit]

Jan 03 Percy Illingworth, M.P. May 09 William Jones, M.P.
Jan 17 Lord Justice Kennedy. Sep 26 J. Keir Hardie, M.P.
Mar 12 Sir George Turner, M.B. Oct 23 W. G. Grace
Mar 14 Walter Crane. Oct 31 Lord Welby.
Mar 24 John Wilson, M.P. Oct 31 Sir Charles Tupper.
Mar 31 Lord Rothschild. Oct 31 Lewis Waller.