The Year 1915 Illustrated/Diary of the War, April 1915

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APRIL, 1915
Apr 01 British airmen raid the submarine bases at Antwerp and Zeebrugge.
 "  05 The King gives orders that no wine, spirits or beer are to be consumed in any of his households.
 "  08 An attempt was made on the life of the Sultan of Egypt.
 "  09 The capture of Eparges reported by the French. German losses there estimated at 30,000 men.
 "  11 The Kronprinz Wilhelm arrived in Hampton Roads, USA.
 "  12 Count Bernstorff, the German Ambassador at Washington, protests against the exportation of munitions from the United States to the Allies.
 "  13 Munitions Committee appointed under Chairmanship of Mr. Lloyd George. – Germans reported to be assisting the Austrians in the Carpathians. – Price of quartern loaf raised to 8½d.
 "  14 Zeppelin raids over north-east coast.
 "  15 The Allies make a notable advance on Notre Dame de Lorette. – Total British casualties reported at 139,347.
 "  16 Zeppelin raid over East Coast. – Government abandoned its original proposals for dealing with drink trade. – Victory over Turks reported from Euphrates.
 "  17 British transport Manitou reported as sunk by Turkish destroyers in the Ægean. Fifty-one lives lost.
 "  18 British submarine E15 ran ashore in the Dardanelles.
 "  20 Mr. Asquith spoke at Newcastle-on-Tyne.
 "  22 Germans first make use of poison gas.
 "  23 Reports from Ypres indicated that the Allies had been forced to give ground at St. Julien; the Germans attacked with poison gasses.
 "  25 Expeditionary force landed at various points on the Gallipoli Peninsula to attack the forts of the Dardanelles.
 "  26 Prince of Wales's Fund exceeded £5,000,000.
 "  30 Zeppelin raid on Suffolk. – The Germans invade the Baltic Provinces. – Dunkirk shelled by the Germans.