The Year 1915 Illustrated/Diary of the War, December 1914

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Dec 01 Surrender of General de Wet.
 "  02 Meeting at Hazebrouck between King George, President Poincaré, General Joffre, Sir John French and Lord Kitchener. – War credit of £250,000,000 voted in German Reichstag.
 "  04 King George meets King Albert of Belgium and bestows upon him the Order of the Grater.
 "  05 Evacuation of Lodz by the Russians.
 "  08 Three Swedish steamers sunkby German mines in Gulf of Finland. – General Beyers, rebel leader, drowned in Vaal River. – Battle off Falkland Islands. German warships SMS Scharnhorst, SMS Gneisenau, SMS Leipzig and SMS Nürnberg sunk.
 "  09 General von Falkenhayn appointed Chief of General Staff of German Army in the field. – Serbians report victory over Austrians. – Surrender of Turkish forces at Kurna, Persian Gulf, to Indian Expeditionary Force.
 "  11 Defeat of Turkish troops by Russians in Caucasus reported.
 "  13 Germans driven from positions near Mlawa. – British submarine HMS B11 penetrates the Dardanelles and sinks Turkish battleship Messudiyeh.
 "  14 German retreat along the Vistula continued. – Austrians admit heavy defeat at hands of Serbians. – Belgrade retaken by Serbs. – Capture of Vistegrad by Montenegrins.
 "  16 Bombardment of Whitby, Scraborough and West Hartlepool by German battle cruisers.
 "  17 Sinking of the German armoured cruiser SMS Friedrich Carl in the Baltic. – Egypt made a British Protectorate. – Sir Arthur McMahon appointed High Commissioner.
 "  18 Fierce fighting near La Bassée. – Prince Hussein Kamil Pasha appointed Sultan of Egypt.
 "  19 Raid of Zeppelin shed at Brussels.
 "  24 Bomb dropped from German aeroplane near Dover Castle. – French submarine Curie reported sunk. – Turkish defeat near Sarakamisch reported.
 "  25 Raid of Cuxhaven by British airships and seaplanes.
 "  26 German aeroplane raid on Sochaczow.
 "  29 USA Government send note to Great Britain on the right to search ships at sea.
 "  31 Steinbach taken by French. – Losses of Austro-German armies reported to be 300,000 in three weeks.