The Year 1915 Illustrated/Diary of the War, May 1915

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MAY, 1915
May 02 Threats to sink the Lusitania published in Washington.
 "  03 Russians defeated in West Galicia.
 "  04 First Budget introduced in House of Commons. – Reports received further defeat of Russians in Galicia. – Russians reported defeat of Turks in Caucasus.
 "  05 Tension reported between China and Japan.
 "  07 Lusitania torpedoed off south coast of Ireland.
 "  08 China accepted Japanese demands.
 "  10 Zeppelin raid over Southend.
 "  13 General Botha captured Windhoek, the capital of German South-West Africa. – Government decided to intern alien enemies. – HMS Goliath sunk in the Dardanelles. – French victory reported at Carency.
 "  14 Strike of the L.C.C. tramway men.
 "  17 Zeppelin raid over Kent. – Russians admitted retirement in Galicia.
 "  18 Lord Kitchener appealed for 300,000 more men.
 "  19 Mr. Asquith announced re-construction of the Government. – Board of Trade took action to stop racing.
 "  20 The King visited shipbuilding yards in the North.
 "  22 Terrible troop train disaster at Quintin's Hill, loss of 200 lives.
 "  23 Italy declared war against Austria.
 "  24 Air raid on Venice reported.
 "  25 Coalition Cabinet completed. – General von Mackensen pushing the offensive in Galicia.
 "  26 HMS Triumph sunk at the Dardanelles.
 "  27 Another Zeppelin raid on Southend. – HMS Majestic torpedoed at Dardanelles. – Princess Irene blown up in Sheerness Harbour. – Sir Henry Jackson, K.C.V.O., appointed First Lord of the Admirlaty in place of Lord Fisher, resigned. – Lieut-Commander Martin Eric Nasmith of submarine E11 sinks a transport in the Sea or Marmora.
 "  28 French progress reported at Labyrinth.
 "  30 Italian army invaded the Trentino.
 "  31 German Note on the sinking of the Lusitania published.