A whizz-bang is a light-weight shell that is fired from a smaller calibre field gun. The name derives from the sound the shell made prior to exploding.[1] During the war a variety of slang terms were used by the Allies. The term whizz-bang was used by the British forces, however, they used a variety of slang terms to describe the different types of artillery shell that were in common use. One other such example is the "woolly bear," named for the characteristics of explosion and smoke seen in large German high explosive shells.[1]

Glossary of words and phrases

The above term is listed in our glossary of words and phrases of the Armed Forces of Great Britain during the Great War. Included are trench slang, service terms, expressions in everyday use, nicknames, the titles and origins of British and Commonwealth Regiments, and warfare in general. These words and phrases are contemporary to the war, which is reflected in the language used. They have been transcribed from three primary sources (see Contents). Feel free to expand upon and improve this content.
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References / notes

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