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In memory of
John Bardgett
(15309 L/Cpl.)

11th Border Regiment
Who died 1st July 1916.
The following list has been compiled using the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database and the publication Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-19: The Border Regiment, which without, this listing would not have been possible.

As there are several thousand casualties for the entire regiment between these two sources, the number of casualties currently listed here for this battalion does not necessarily reflect the total number casualties due to the possibility of 1. missed names and 2. casualties that were associated with the Border Regiment. In other words officers and other ranks attached to the Battalion that have currently not been included.

The details of the following men will be included in a separate listing in the Rolls of Honour & Remembrance section.


  • Abram, Robert (Catain)
  • Armstrong, Leonard William (2nd Lieut.)
  • Beaty-Pownall, Thomas Trelawny (Captain)
  • Bradshaw, Bartle (2nd Lieut.)
  • Briggs, Frederick Clifton (Colonel)
  • Chetham-Strode, Edward Randall (Captain)
  • Cholmeley, Harry Lewin (Lieut.)
  • Dove, Charles Bertram (Captain)
  • Dowdell, Ernest George, M.C. (2nd Lieut.)
  • Fraser, Geoffrey Norris (2nd Lieut.)
  • Gillespie, David Andrew (2nd Lieut.)
  • Goodall, Frank Basil (Lieut.)
  • Hall, John Martindale (2nd Lieut.)
  • Hamlett, George Froude (2nd Lieut.)
  • Harding, Joseph (2nd Lieut.)
  • Hawkesworth, Francis Henry Stanley (2nd Lieut.)
  • Hellier, Leonard Gordon (2nd Lieut.)
  • Herries, Fred (Lieut.)
  • Holliday, Henry Lowther (2nd Lieut.)
  • Horsley, John (Captain)
  • Johns, Hubert Hilditch (2nd Lieut.)
  • Johnson, S. F. (Captain)
  • Kelly, Edward Rowley (2nd Lieut.)
  • Kendall, Thomas Linaker (2nd Lieut.)
  • Lait, Wilfred Francis James (2nd Lieut.)
  • Lake, J. L. E. R. (2nd Lieut.)
  • Middleton, Thomas Stanley (2nd Lieut.)
  • Moore, John (Captain)
  • Moore, G. F. H. (2nd Lieut.)
  • New, Paul (Lieut.)
  • Newdigate, Richard Francis (Captain)
  • Owen, Hugh (Lieut.)
  • Pirrie, Robert Bourn (Lieut.)
  • Pyman, James (Captain)
  • Rawlinson, Robert (2nd Lieut.)
  • Richardson, Daryl Stewart (Lieut.)
  • Richardson, Robert Cecil (2nd Lieut.)
  • Robertson, Fergus (2nd Lieut.)
  • Robinson, Walter de Horne, M.C. (Captain)
  • Ruth, Tom Bertrand (2nd Lieut.)
  • Stevenson, William (2nd Lieut.)
  • Turnbull, Maxwell, M.C. (Captain)
  • Warren, William Stanley (2nd Lieut.)