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The home of the 11th (Service) Battalion Border Regiment in the First World War
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  The Lonsdale Battalion On This Day

A daily listing of movements, actions, events and political involvements of the Lonsdale Battalion that took place this day between 1914–1918. (This information refreshes daily.)

On this day in history (19 September)


  • Estimate from Joseph Blain, general dealer of Blackfriars Street, Carlisle for the following necessaries items:
1000 hairbrushes at 12s per dozen, 1000 toothbrushes at 4s per dozen, 1000 dressing combs at 5s per dozen, 84 dozen knives and forks at 4s 9d per dozen, 1000 tablespoons at tablespoons at 6s 6d per dozen; delivery in about 7 days. [1]
  • Memo from J. Fitzsimmons, hatter of Botchergate: I have pleasure in quoting for 1000 Territorial Caps – Standard Army Pattern....making, trimming including badge – price 2s 9d each. [1]


  • Battalion situated in reserve line billets (Harley Street) find working parties [2] for front line trenches and the Royal Engineers.[3]
  • General Rycroft visits Battalion HQ at 4:45pm.[3]


  • Battalion in the front line. A solitary German solider comes from 'Alpha Post' towards 'C' Company Post.[4]
  • 2nd Lieut. Ridgway leaves 'C' Company Post to meet the German soldier. There is no result from these advances.[4]
  • Operation Orders are received from Brigade.[4]

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