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The home of the Lonsdale Battalion 1914-1918
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The home of the 11th (Service) Battalion Border Regiment in the First World War
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  The Lonsdale Battalion On This Day

A daily listing of movements, actions, events and political involvements of the Lonsdale Battalion that took place this day between 1914–1918. (This information refreshes daily.)

On this day in history (17 April)

1915 (Saturday)

  • Lt-Col. Machell to Lord Lonsdale: "now that Grantham is cancelled & advanced party ordered back here I am anxious about our fate it is important we should make a move & I don’t see why we should not be transferred fifth to third army now that we are not to go with 112th Brigade. Could you ascertain somehow what War Office intends to do with us?" [1]
  • The lease of 11 Botchergate is used as a Sub-Recruiting Office for Blackhall Camp. [2]
  • Letter to Lt-Col. Machell from B.L. Montgomery: "You haven’t lost the general and myself yet....So my general & myself are left with you....I hate all these changes as it unsettles one, but both the general and myself are very glad that you....are still with us;....Anyhow at present you are still with us, and we don’t go to Grantham. I am afraid that neither of us can come up to you on Monday now;....But when it is all settled, one of us will come and see you. You can be assured of one thing, that wherever the general and myself go we shall do our very best to keep you with us; we both know a good battalion when we see one." [3]
  • Telegram from Lord Lonsdale to Lt-Col. Machell: "Have machine gun Lowther superannuated pattern but have harness and everything complete you are welcome to have it for instruction think ammunition could be got for it but not certain will see what else I can do." [4]

1916 (Monday)

1917 (Tuesday)

1918 (Wednesday)

  • Brigade Reserve: Headquarters, C Company and D Company are in the trenches and embankments at Rabbit Wood. B Company in Purple Line and A Company with Brigade situated between Monchy and Berles-au-Bois.
  • Companies resting and cleaning up. In reserve ready to man the Purple Line in case of enemy attack.
  • Observation post is established at Adinfer.
  • Deaths: William Martland (260239) [note 2]

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