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The home of the 11th (Service) Battalion Border Regiment in the First World War

Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense — Evil Be To Him Who Evil Thinks
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  We Need You!
Do you have anything connected with the Lonsdale Battalion and the Border Regiment? If so, we are interested to learn more.

Here at the Lonsdale Battalion wiki we are firm believers that knowledge about our history should be shared freely, to better our understanding of a challenging and devastating period that affected hundreds of millions of people. We have included what little public domain information we have been lucky enough to find – information such as battalion histories, war diaries and newspaper articles. Other information has been kindly donated by enthusiasts and relatives of those who served during the war, such as photos and military background.

Your stories – Some men came back, many did not. For families who have stories to tell, we would very much like to hear about them, and how they may have impacted peoples' lives. We would like to provide a space for your stories, and the memory of your loved ones.

Your photos – We have an ongoing Roll of Honour project, where every soldier who fell has a remembrance page, dedicated to them and their families. We are interested in digital photographs of soldiers, military documents, paraphernalia and background histories to compliment the rolls we have already included, and for those we have yet to create.

Your information – Documents related to the Lonsdale Battalion and Border Regiment, no matter how small, will always have a home here so that the memories of individuals, and the larger units of soldiers, can be remembered for future generations. If you can assist in any way, please reach out to us here.

All photos and information remain the property of the original owner(s).
  The Lonsdale Battalion On This Day

A daily listing of movements, actions, events and political involvements of the Lonsdale Battalion that took place this day between 1914–1918. (This information refreshes daily.)

On this day in history (30 November)

1915 (Tuesday)

  • Battalion is situated in billets at Villers-Bocage engaged in a short route march and inspections.

1916 (Thursday)

  • Berteaucourt: Battalion is involved in General parades of instruction and training.

1917 (Friday)

  1. Private Marr is buried at Mendinghem Military Cemetery. He was just 19 years old.
Various sources contemporary to the war have been used to compile The Lonsdale Battalion On This Day. The majority of the events shown on this day (Main Page), including any supplementary notes, enlistments and statistical data etc., have been primarily sourced from the Lonsdale Battalion War Diary (November 1915 to June 1918), Record of the XIth (Service) Battalion (Lonsdale) and abridged material from Timeline and Chronology of the Lonsdale Battalion (September 1914 - May 1915), which are sourced from the original DLONS/L/13/13 Lowther Estate Archives. Events from that chronology are reproduced here with kind permission of Jim Lowther (2016). They are identified and referenced separately by their unique DLONS numbers. Please do not publish these events without prior permission from the Lowther Estate. All casualty names, numbers, ranks, date of deaths and places of burial/commemoration have been sourced from Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-19, Volume 39, The Border Regiment and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database respectively.
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  Helping Our Projects
Interested in helping out around here? There is always something to write, discover and learn about the Lonsdales and the regiment to which they belonged, The Border Regiment.

Our largest on-going projects are The Lonsdale Battalion On This Day and Lonsdale Battalion Roll of Honour. But every project, however, no matter how large or small is just as important as the next, which is why they are of equal value and interest. Currently, there are several other site projects on the go or waiting to be started, and this is where we need your help in making these available for everyone. Take a quick look at the recent changes made to the site to see what has been happening lately.

If you are interested in helping out you can reach out to us with any questions you may have about any of the projects. Alternatively, if you have spotted any errors and omissions, would like to create new pages or simply edit some existing ones, you can do so by creating a new account and off you go. We look forward to seeing you around.

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