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Documentation:Helping out

From the Lonsdale Battalion wiki
Please note this help documementation is currently being developed, and not all links are active.

Getting started with editing

Anyone is welcome to edit and help improve the articles here on The Lonsdale Battalion wiki. You will first need to create an account to allow for editing priviledges, after which any contributions you make will be immediately available for all readers.

There are plenty of articles still to write. Have a look at this list of wanted pages. Red links mean the page or category doesn't exist yet. (Please note that during the transition our Great War material to our sister site – – multiple red links to Great War and transcibing projects will remain until this process is complete).

If you are interested in helping out around here with any of our projects, check out the following guides to get started. These are compiled for the beginner, with emphasis on user-friendly documentation that allows you to contribute in many ways without the need to learn extensive wikitext.

Detailed help guide

The Mediawiki software is diverse and capable of doing many things. This does not mean that the average user would use it to its full potential. For most editing needs, the above guides will take care of some of the most-used tools. However, for those who require a little more details instruction, Mediawiki offers a more comprehensive set of guides for every aspect of editing, and beyond. This can be see at Help:Contents (external site).

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