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Lonsdale Battalion on this day...

A daily listing of the Lonsdales movements, actions and events that took place on this day. This page refreshes every day.
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On this day, 13 July

1916 (Thursday)

  • Battalion finds fatigues for the line near Crucifix Corner.
  • Battalion chaplain Rev. A.J.W. Crosse writes to McKegg family on the loss of their son:
    It grieves me sorely to have to write and tell you that your dear boy was killed in action during the great attack last week. I wish I could give you some particulars, but all I know is he did his duty bravely, and you my well be proud of him. He was reverently buried near the trenches, and I can promise you his grave will be lovingly cared for. May God help you in your sorrow.[1]

1917 (Friday)

  • Coxyde: Battalion in rest. Ordered to stand to at 10.30pm.

1918 (Saturday)

  • Battalion training continues with 1st Battalion 130th Infantry Regiment (USA) at Ailly-le-Haut-Clocher.[a]


  1. The Lonsdales were in their final month before being disbanded. Where training is concerned, this was done alongside the American infantry. It was during this period that they moved to several different locations in the eventual run up to the disbandment papers being approved. On 29 July, 1918, the war diary states: "orders received for WO's, NCO's and men of the cadres to proceed to join the 1/5th Border Regiment (A.G. letter C.R. 5/9054/30 G.) and for battalion to be disbanded from date of departure." The Lonsdale are disbanded two days later on 31 July.


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