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The home of the Lonsdale Battalion and the Border Regiment in the First World War
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A daily listing of the Lonsdales movements, actions and events that took place on this day. This page refreshes every day.
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On this day, 21 November[edit]


  • Battalion situated in billets at Mailly-Maillet. Sergeant Major Johnstone and Private Dixon report having broken through the German line at 'Munich Trench' (from 'Frankfort Trench') stating that some of the Lonsdales and Highland Light Infantry are still holding a portion of 'Frankfort Trench'.[1]
  • Under Brigade orders a rescue party is formed of Lonsdale and 16th H.L.I. men to assist Captain Welch and his cut off party in returning. The rescue party moves up after dark under Captain Hunter but are unable to do anything due to conditions being against them.[1]


  • Battalion situated at 'Road Camp' involved in training.[2]

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