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10th (Reserve) Battalion Border Regiment

First World War (1914-1918)

The 10th (Reserve) Battalion Border Regiment was formed as a service battalion on 28 September 1914 [1] in Southend, Essex as part of Kitchener's K4 Army (battalions converted to Reserve Units).[2] The Battalion, as part of this organisation of K4, became a reserve battalion on 10 April 1915[1][2] and later moved to Billericay, Essex where they also became a Young Soldiers Battalion.[3] The Battalion was not deployed on operational service overseas and remained in UK supplying drafts to the Regiment's other service battalions overseas.

The Battalion was absorbed on 1 September 1916 at Seaford, East Sussex into Training Reserve Battalions of the 4th Reserve Brigade.[2]

The Battalion's Commanding Officer was Colonel C.H.M. Hitchins.

Roll of Honour

The 10th Battalion World War One casualty list has been compiled using the publication Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-19, Volume 39, The Border Regiment and cross-referenced with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database. The number of casualties compiled to date does not necessarily reflect the total number of casualties for this battalion due to the possibility of missed names and the (current) exclusion of officers and other ranks that were attached to the Border Regiment. Please note there are only five casualties in this list.

For the 10th Battalion roll of honour, see 10th Battalion Border Regiment Casualty List.

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