Lonsdale Battalion Roll of Honour

The home of the Lonsdale Battalion 1914-1918

The Lonsdale Battalion Roll of Honour contains almost 850 other ranks and has been compiled using HMSO's Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-19, Volume 39, The Border Regiment and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. This was done primarily to ensure that the Roll was as accurate as possible and secondly, to make general comparisons between the two sources and route out the differences between them. There are instances where there is conflicting information: one source may say a soldier died of wounds and another would show he was killed in action. Discrepancies were not overly commonplace but there are a few, including some "strays" and various typos and misspelt names and places. It should also be noted that some words have not been misspelt, instead favouring the archaic spelling of words that were contemporary with the war. Any other errors and omissions are down to the compiling of this Roll of Honour. Many of the soldiers that served in the Lonsdale Battalion also served in other battalions of the Border Regiment, some also transferred from or to entirely different regiments. The most common of these are the Herefordshire, Essex and Liverpool Regiments, which saw substantial numbers joining the Lonsdale Battalion during the recruitment drives. See notes and definitions for information about what we have used in the rolls.

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A Lonsdale Battalion enthusiast, has creating his own roll from a copy of the original excel file used to create our roll here. In his html version he has added images of the men from various newspaper sources. Kevin, who has a passion for the Lonsdales, states:

This project is to try and obtain war grave pictures of the grave or memorial of all the Lonsdale war dead. I intend to obtain as many pictures as I can manage, of the men of the Lonsdales. The idea is to get a picture of the grave or commemoration on a memorial, which will be available free to those who request it. Also available will be a photo of the cemetery and in some cases the soldier in question. I hope to update this page as part of my Lonsdale War Grave Project. The link on the soldiers name is to his war grave picture, the cemetery links to a view of this and any other photo's are labelled accordingly. I would like to make a request to all readers of this site to help in the Lonsdale War Grave Project. The Lonsdales are buried in France, Belgium, Germany and the UK.