List of Surviving Lonsdale Records

The list of surviving records relating to the Lowther family and the Earls of Lonsdale are stored at the Cumbria Archive Centre (Carlisle). The records in this batch[1] pertain to the Lonsdale Battalion covering 282 files in a broad selection of categories such as: recruitment, attestations, transfers, discharges, officers, NCO’s, clothing and equipment, accommodation, training, medical and more. The Cumbria Archive Service Catalogue lists the D Lons/L13/13/1 to D Lons/L13/13/282 records. This listing can be seen in the catalogue's expandable hierarchy of all the DLONS - Lowther family records.[2]

These records, though few have survived in their original form, are historically important and provide a firm base in research for anyone interested in the Lonsdale Battalion. The majority of the papers within this series were registered in the Orderly Room and, as a result, some have been marked in crayon with subject headings. Those that have been artificially broken up are the series on battalion and daily orders, done so depending on where the Battalion was stationed. There are also papers that specifically relate to the Battalion's training at Prees Heath, Wensley, Strensall and Codford. Importantly, it should be noted that papers relating to the 12th (Reserve) Battalion - who did not go to France - contain many records relating to the 11th Battalion.

The index below shows the scope of the records available at the Cumbria Record Office[3] A paid-for research service was offered until January 2016. Currently, this service has been suspended until further notice, however, details will be provided on their research page when they reviewed the service.

Please note: We do not hold any of the D Lons/L13/13 records. For access to these please contact Cumbria Archive Centre (Carlisle)

Lonsdale Battalion Timeline and Chronology

In addition to the DLONS/L/13/13/ index listed here a Timeline/Chronology of the Lonsdale Battalion (September 1914 – May 1915) was compiled by former Assistant County Archivist David Bowcock at the Cumbria Archive Centre in Carlisle. This timeline details a variety of extracts from the Lonsdale Records. These extracts are key to discovering more about the early days of the Battalion, from the onset of the war, recruitment and the development of training as seen through the eyes of those recording these events.

With kind permission of Jim Lowther, extracts from the timeline have been included in the Lonsdale Battalion on this day... project. This has enriched the scope of the material throughout the initial six to twelve month period after the Lonsdales were formed. Copyright on this material is reserved to Jim Lowther and as such extracts are not available under the general license of this site. Each extract is referenced with the DLONS/L/13/13/file number.

The D LONS/L13/13 index

      Lonsdale Records (D Lons/L13/13)

Contacting the Cumbria Archive Centre

The archives are located at: Lady Gillford's House, Petteril Bank Road, Harraby, Carlisle, England, CA1 3AJ

References / notes

  1. The Lowther Family Estate Records has thousands of records listed in various categories and sub categories ranging from D Lons/L5 to D Lons/L25. The records relating to the 11th Battalion Border Regiment are D Lons/L13/13/1 to D Lons/L13/13/282
  2. The Cumbria Archive Service Catalogue only lists these document. They do not holds these records in an online database. To view these records you will need to visit the Cumbria Record Office in Carlisle.
  3. The contents of this catalogue are the copyright of Cumbria Record Office, Carlisle Headquarters.
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