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The list of Lonsdale Records relating to the Lowther family and the Earls of Lonsdale are stored at the Cumbria Record Office (Carlisle Headquarters). The Lowther Family Estate have thousands of records listed in various categories and sub-categories ranging from DLons/L5 to DLons/L25. The records relating to the 11th Border Regiment (Lonsdale) range from DLons/L13/13/1 to DLons/L13/13/282

D LONS/L13/13/84–89


  • D LONS/L13/13/84: File re the granting of sick leave - date: 28 - 29 January 1915
  • D LONS/L13/13/85: Papers re arrangements for soldiers to be inoculated against typhoid (enteric fever) - date: 15 December 1914 - 20 August 1915
  • D LONS/L13/13/86: File re medical condition of various soldiers, some considered for light duties, others discharged from the service; and hospitalisation of troops - date: 21 June - 20 October 1915
  • D LONS/L13/13/87: File re the examination of men who were medically unfit for service overseas and therefore transferred to other duties - date: 26 May - 12 November 1915
  • D LONS/L13/13/88: Papers re: medicals for recruits, medical supplies for inoculation, discharges and transfers on medical grounds, transfers to hospitals, sick leave, treatment of meningitis, soldiers unfit to march, provision of false teeth - date: 14 November 1914 - 20 November 1915
  • D LONS/L13/13/89: Papers re: medical treatment, appointment of medical officers and orderlies, medical inspections of camps' facilities, medical equipment, improvements in sanitation - date: 13 October 1914 - 24 November 1915

—For access to the above records please contact the Cumbria Archive Centre (Carlisle)

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