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Information provided by the regimental museum regarding a recent enquiry about 1st Battalion's 1927 service in China:

The 1st Battalion embarked on the SS Karwala at the Royal Albert Dock in London on 29th January 1927. The SS Karwala reached Hong Kong on the 3rd March 1927 and the Battalion disembarked the following day, on the 24th March. The Battalion re-embarked on the SS Karwala and sailed for Shanghai on the 26th at 2pm, the Battalion disembarked at Shanghai on the 30th March. Because of the shortage of men, no leave was given. The Battalion was not on a war footing and therefore were desperately short of men so much so that men were allowed to join the Army for one year only to fulfil this commitment. The Battalion was in China for 335 days - The dates recorded are the dates of arrival and until then the Battalion is deemed to still be serving in the theatre. The Battalion was based at Great Ouseburn both before deploying to China and on their return.