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The home of the Lonsdale Battalion 1914-1918
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The following is a list of public domain (out of copyright) publications currently being transcribed in different formats. Each transcription is unique insofar as they differ is size, writing style, subject matter (although all are inherently of military focus) and finally, transcription method. Varying methods affect the way each transcription is delivered, which ultimately affects how each one is viewed. The following table shows that some transcriptions are ongoing and some have not yet been started. When a transcription has been proofread and validated it is then classed as complete.

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Great War Books[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Index Main title Author / Editor / Compiler Subject Year Publisher Pages Prog
No E. A. James (Captain) Reference 1924 Gale & Polden Ltd. 48 In progress icon.svg
Yes The Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour Political 1915 Darling & Son Ltd. 12 Completed
Yes Urban Hanlon Broughton Reference 1916 London 60 Completed
Yes The Rt. Hon. D. Lloyd George Political 1918 George H. Doran Company 15 Completed
No [why? 1]
Chronology of the War  ·  Volume I: 1914-1915
Lord Edward Gleichen Chronology 1918 Constable & Co. In progress icon.svg
Chronology of the War  ·  Volume II: 1916-1917
Lord Edward Gleichen Chronology 1919 Constable & Co. In progress icon.svg
Chronology of the War  ·  Volume III: 1918-1919
Lord Edward Gleichen Chronology 1920 Constable & Co. In progress icon.svg
No Archibald Hurd Reference 1915 Hodder & Stoughton 212 Flat cross icon.svg
Yes Alfred Maurice Low Statement 1914 Columbian Printing Company 18 Completed
Yes Jeffery Farnol Collected articles 1918 Little, Brown and Company 167 Completed
Yes Various authors Political / speeches 1915 Hazel, Watson and Viney, Ltd. 312 Completed
Yes Frank Herbert Simonds History 1914 Mitchell Kennerley 256 Flat cross icon.svg
Yes Oliver Perry Chitwood History 1917 Thomas Y. Crowell 196 In progress icon.svg
Yes J. E. Edmonds (Brigadier-General) History 1926 Macmillan & Co. Ltd. 545 In progress icon.svg
No E. W. Colbrook Reference 1919 Odhams Ltd. 229 Flat cross icon.svg
No John Alexander Hammerton History 1933 Amalgamated Press 640 In progress icon.svg
Yes Edward Bagnall Poulton Lecture 1915 Clarendon Press, Oxford 47 Completed
No [why? 2] Edward Fraser & John Gibbons Dictionary 1925 George Routledge & Sons, Ltd. 372 In progress icon.svg
Not yet Ralph Scott Personal diary 1923 William Collins, Sons 217 Flat cross icon.svg
Yes George Herbert Clarke War poetry 1917 Hodder & Stoughton 448 Completed
Yes Multiple British Ministers Political / speeches 1917 T. Fisher Unwin Ltd. 392 Flat cross icon.svg
Year 1914 Illustrated, The  ·  Six Year of Issue
Various authors History 1915 Headley Brothers 224 Flat cross icon.svg
Year 1915 Illustrated, The  ·  Seventh Year of Issue
Various authors History 1916 Headley Brothers 205 In progress icon.svg
Year 1916 Illustrated, The  ·  Eighth Year of Issue
Various authors History 1917 Headley Brothers 205 Flat cross icon.svg
Year 1917 Illustrated, The  ·  Ninth Year of Issue
Various authors History 1918 Headley Brothers Flat cross icon.svg
Year 1918 Illustrated, The  ·  Tenth Year of Issue
Various authors History 1919 Headley Brothers Flat cross icon.svg

Notes[edit | edit source | hide]

  1. Chronology of the War is the primary source used in The Great War:On This Day transcription. Due to the complex format of the publication, it was necessary to make some minor alterations to allow for a more flexible format, which provides an overall simpler layout but ultimately maintains the originality of the source material
  2. Soldier and Sailor Words and Phrases is the primary source used in our Glossary of terms and phrases and, therefore, a direct transcription was not necessary. Although the majority of terms listed in the glossary are gleaned from this single publication, there are various entries listed from other sources. These have been referenced separately where necessary on individual pages.