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This category page forms the central hub of our glossary of words and phrases of the Armed Forces of Great Britain during the Great War. These words and phrases include slang of the trenches and the Air Force; British and American service terms and expressions in everyday use; nicknames, sobriquets, and the titles of British and Commonwealth Regiments and their origins; and warfare in general. These words and phrases are contemporary to the war, which is reflected in the language used, some of which may seem derogatory by today's standards.

The following sources have been used in compiling this glossary of words and phrases:

Although the majority of terms listed here are gleaned from these publications (no longer in copyright), there are various entries listed from other sources. These have been referenced accordingly. In addition to this glossary, there is an index of people, places, ships etc., with events compiled in chronological date format. These are sourced primarily from the comprehensive three-volume publication of Chronology of the War (1918–1920) by Lord Edward Gleichen. This is independent of these glossary words and phrases, and can be seen on the main index category page.

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