4th Battalion mobilising in Kendal, September 1939 (forum archive)

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The 4th Border Regiment were the first Territorial unit to serve in France in November 1939. Led by their fife and drum band, these men of “D” Company (Kendal) are pictured marching to lay up their colours for the duration in Kendal parish church on the first Sunday of September 1939. The two later photographs show them leaving the town when waiting to catch their train at Kendal railway station. Almost all of these men were captured or killed in May 1940 on the Dunkirk rearguard fighting at the town of Incheville. (See other Incheville postings by myself and “Jerico”)
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Hello all,

The photos are very interesting, can one day we could put a name on every face. Note that on the bags you can see the letter "D" for D coy.

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In memory of
John Bardgett
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Who died 1st July 1916.
Great photos!

Looking at the second and third photo there are a lot of happy, smiling faces. This wouldn't last long, especially being in the thick of it with bullets wizzing past your ears, however, it has been documented (what I know of during the First World War anyway) in war diaries that the men of the Border Regiment did their best to stay in high spirits even in the worst of conditions.

They were a tough bunch.