6th Battalion War Diary, November 1916

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    6th Border Regiment War Diary Transcriptions (1915-1918)
The National Archives WO/95/4299 & WO/95/1817/1    
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Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
CRAMONT 1-11-16
In billets – training – Two other ranks on leave per day.
33rd Bde O.O. No 40 received – attached and labelled A.
Marched to BONNEVILLE. 33rd Bde oo No 41 received – labelled B.
CONTAY 15-11-16
Marched to CONTAY. 33rd Bde oo No 42 received – labelled C.
VARENNES 16-11-16
Marched to VARENNES.
VARENNES 17-11-16
In billets. Awaiting orders to move into the line.
        — do —        — do —        — do —
        — do —        — do —        — do —
Marched up under the impression that we were to be in support SW of BEAUCOURT – CO and five officers had gone ahead to reconnoitre otherwise no orders at all. On arrival at HAMEL orders changed and batt was sent up to front line where 8th LINCOLNSHIRE REGT (37TH DIV) around BEAUCOURT – portion of line held – R7a32 to R7b47. On our right 7th South Staffordshire – on our left 11th Warwickshire Regt. Relief completed 11pm.
BEAUCOURT 21-11-16
Firing line – Our patrols active in the mist – See 33rd Inf Bde Intelligence Summary dated 22-11-16 copy of which is attached labelled D.
Enemy gun reconnoitred 600 y in advance of our line and successfully brought into our line. Gun numbered Nr7669 FRKP.
Orders for relief on 25/6 received 33rd Bde No 44 labelled E.
New trench dug by 9th Sherwoods from R7a79 – R1d40 – R7b68. Copy of 33rd Inf Bde O.O. No 45 attached labelled F.
One of our posts at R1d04 attacked at 7am by a company of enemy – owing to the timely cooperation of two of our patrols under Capt. SJ PRICE on the right flank and Sgt Gordon on the left flank this post was able to withdraw with the loss of only two men. Official report on this enterprise is attached – labelled G. A note from the Brig Genl is also attached and labelled H. New trench to be dug by the 7th South Staffords from R7a79 to R7b68. 33rd Bde OO No 46 attached and labelled I. Relieved by 9th Sherwood Foresters 12MN.
Bn in dugouts in the old German front line in Q18a and C. Plenty of room and everybody very comfortable.
BEAUCOURT 27-11-16
In dugouts in old German front line – on fatigues about 100 men, the remainder resting.
        Ditto        Bn relieved by 6th WEST YORKSHIRE REGT.
Marched to ENGELBELMER – billets    huts    tents.
Marched to FORCEVILLE – billets and tents.
In billets etc.
General - Our last tour in trenches was most successful. The battalion brought in a 77mm gun very successfully and from rather an awkward position. Our patrols obtained very useful information and on the morning of the 25th had a very good piece of field fighting from which we emerged with only two killed having inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy. These operations are very fully reported in Bde Intelligence Summaries and in some cases the original officers report sent in by the CO is incorporated in Bde Summary. Detail has not been gone into in the War Diary, these summaries being attached instead.

[Signed and undated]CK James Capt & Adjt
for Lt Col Commanding
6th Border


  • National Archives Catalogue Reference: WO/95/1817/1
  • The transcription above is available under the National Archives Open Government Licence for public sector information.
  • War diary transcribed by RC Craven-Griffiths.