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Charles Edward Spackman (9522)

From the Lonsdale Battalion wiki
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a soldier of the border regiment
Survived the War

Full Name Charles Edward Spackman vc, mm
Rank (highest) Sergeant
Service Number 9522
Battalion 1st Battalion
Regiment Border Regiment
Awards Victoria Cross, for action on 20 November 1917:
For most conspicuous bravery when in action. The leading company was checked by heavy fire of a machine gun mounted in a position which covered the approaches. The ground was absolutely devoid of cover of any description. Sergeant Spackman realising the situation, and seeing it was impossible for troops to advance, went through the fire to attack the gun. Working forward gradually, he succeeded in killing all but one of the gun crew. He then rushed the gun and captured it singlehanded, thereby enabling the company to advance. The behaviour of the Non-Commissioned Officer was gallant in the extreme and he set a fine example of courage and devotion to his men.[1]
Not publicly held[2]
Born 11 January 1891 / Fulham, London
Nationality English
Died 7 May 1969 / Southampton, Hampshire
Age 78
Resting Place South Stoneham Crematorium / Southampton


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This is a dedicated remembrance page for Charles Edward Spackman (9522), a soldier of The Border Regiment (inc. being attached or transferred) during The Great War. Please consider helping this project by contacting us with any useful information OR feel free to include any relevant information here yourself by clicking on "Edit" above.

References and notes

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See notes and definitions for primary source material and further information.
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