11th Battalion Border Regiment Nominal Roll, November 1915 (full list)

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11th Battalion Border Regiment (Lonsdale) – A, B, C and D Company
(in order of service number)
Surname Initials Service Number Rank Nov 1915 Company
Smith W G 1894 Sergeant D
Clements R 8104 Lance Corporal A
Weston C 8889 Sergeant C
Judge V 9020 Corporal A
Wilkinson W 13200 Corporal C
Thwaites C 13202 Private C
Wood J 13203 Lance Sergeant C
Harrison H 13204 Private C
Garnett R 13205 Private C
Halliday J 13206 Private C
Schofield W 13208 Lance Corporal C
Bateson E 13212 Private C
Bell R 13213 Private C
Brotherhood A G 13215 Company Quarter Master Sergeant B
Ruddick A E 13216 Sergeant C
Gorman W 13217 Private C
Hadrick F 13218 Private C
Jopson W G 13218 Private C
Gaskill O 13219 Private C
Lewthwaite G 13220 Private C
Thompson R 13221 Private C
Atkinson R 13222 Company Sergeant Major C
Armstrong W 13224 Lance Corporal A
Allan F 13225 Private A
Cogan T 13228 Private A
Gibson GH 13229 Private A
Goodfellow WR 13230 Private A
Irving J 13231 Private A
Newman JH 13232 Private A
Perkins L 13234 Lance Corporal B
Dobson IE 13235 Private A
Crosbie J 13236 Private A
Scott WL 13237 Private A
Carlos H M 13241 Lance Corporal C
Ridley W 13242 Quarter Master Sergeant A
Wheadon E 13246 Private A
Coates F 13247 Sergeant B
McDivitt JC 13249 Private A
Cartwright PA 13250 Private A
Coates J 13252 Lance Corporal A
Grice R 13255 Private A
Tinnion EC 13256 Corporal A
Parry HL 13257 Lance Sergeant A
Dickson W 13259 Corporal A
Pollard J 13260 Private A
Jones J 13261 Private A
Mearns JL 13262 Private A
Jefferson J 13264 Private A
Sewell T 13265 Private A
Sawyers R 13266 Corporal A
Brockbank E 13269 Lance Corporal A
Bryan P 13270 Lance Corporal A
Dodds W 13271 Sergeant B
Potter GW 13272 Private A
Mooney J 13273 Drummer B
Beattie W 13274 Sergeant A
Foster W 13276 Private A
McCumisky G P 13277 Company Quarter Master Sergeant D
Slater R 13278 Private A
Johnson C 13279 Private A
Kirkup GR 13281 Private A
Moran J 13283 Private A
Nunn DA 13284 Drummer A
Prince WA 13285 Private A
Scott F 13287 Private A
Tuffin B 13288 Private A
Robinson GW 13289 Lance Corporal A
Boothway WH 13290 Private A
Graham JW 13292 Private A
Bryan ST 13294 Sergeant A
McCormick F 13295 Private A
Little H 13296 Private A
Kirk R 13298 Private A
Fawkes G 13299 Corporal A
Hunter WS 13300 Lance Sergeant A
Jackson W 13301 Private A
Davidson FW 13302 Corporal A
Cairns J 13303 Private A
Walker FW 13305 Private A
Simpson J 13306 Drummer A
Thorburn GS 13307 Private A
Moore KJ 13308 Lance Corporal A
Elliott W 13309 Private A
Barton C 13310 Private A
Bell W 13311 Lance Corporal A
Mackintosh R 13314 Private A
Blythe J 13315 Private A
Wood T 13316 Private A
Armstrong T J 13317 Private A
Thompson N 13318 Private A
Brown A 13319 Private A
Sewell J 13321 Drummer D
Fisher J 13322 Corporal A
Wealls I 13323 Private A
Wilson JJ 13324 Private A
Simpson E 13325 Private A
Richardson W 13326 Sergeant A
Simpson G 13327 Private A
Shepherd J 13328 Sergeant A
Robertson W 13331 Private A
Porthouse B 13332 Private A
Reid JR 13333 Private A
Ruddick E 13334 Private A
Nevin J 13336 Private A
McKay R 13338 Private D
Wyles JC 13339 Sergeant A
Hodgson H 13340 Private A
Dobinson T 13341 Sergeant A
Davidson H 13344 Private A
Casson R 13345 Private A
Porrett R 13346 Private D
Lightfoot H 13349 Private A
Watters TW 13351 Private A
Purdham J G 13352 Private B
Moscrop J 13353 Private A
Hodgson R 13354 Lance Corporal D
Robinson T 13355 Private D
Wood W 13357 Lance Corporal C
Walker J B 13358 Private C
Townson R 13360 Private C
Tyson W 13361 Private C
Hodgson J 13363 Private A
Hoban G 13365 Private A
Sykes E 13366 Sergeant A
Irving G 13367 Private D
Chisholm JG 13368 Private A
Cook A 13369 Private D
Walmsley G 13370 Private A
Mulvey J 13372 Private A
Raven J 13373 Lance Sergeant A
Bowman CB 13374 Private A
Anderson A B 13377 Private A
Reed J N 13378 Private D
McSkimmings JJ 13379 Lance Corporal A
Cartner R 13380 Private A
Cackett D 13381 Private A
Bickerstaffe JJ 13382 Private A
Gibson JM 13383 Private A
Shannon J 13386 Private A
Tinning WJ 13387 Private A
Beattie J 13388 Private A
Carlyle T 13389 Private D
Payne A 13390 Sergeant Major A
Irving C J 13392 Private A
Nixon E 13393 Sergeant A
Straughan G 13394 Private A
Thompson D D 13395 Private A
Walker J J 13397 Private A
Barnfather W G 13398 Private A
Walker G E 13399 Private A
Nicholson H 13402 Private C
Davis J 13404 Private C
Robley J W 13404 Private C
Dawson J W 13406 Private C
Bateman W J 13407 Private C
Wilson T W 13408 Private C
Wilson T W 13408 Private C
Hughes W 13409 Private D
Mitchell W 13410 Private C
Twiname A 13410 Private D
Armstrong W 13411 Private A
Birbeck G 13414 Private A
Bell T 13415 Private A
Gibson T 13419 Private C
Prickett J H 13420 Private C
Stainton W 13422 Private C
Rumney Nichol 13423 Private C
Rumney Arthur 13424 Private C
Thompson G E 13425 Private C
Dobson H 13426 Private C
Wheatman J 13427 Private C
Lamb E 13429 Private C
Lamb H 13430 Private C
Pattinson J H 13431 Private C
Marshall E 13432 Sergeant C
Martindale J A 13433 Lance Sergeant C
Mitchinson A 13434 Private C
McKnight E 13435 Corporal C
Nattrass H 13436 Private C
Parker T S 13437 Private C
Pearson W 13438 Lance Corporal C
Prickett G C. 13439 Private C
Rigg G 13440 Private C
Rose J 13442 Private C
Routledge Fred 13443 Private C
Sandham J 13445 Private C
Holgate J B 13446 Sergeant B
Kissock T 13448 Sergeant C
James J T 13449 Private C
Hudson W 13450 Private C
Holme H 13451 Private C
Hind H 13452 Private C
Heighton A 13453 Private C
Gibson W 13454 Private C
Gibson Bruce 13455 Sergeant C
Foden H 13456 Private C
Ellwood C 13458 Private C
Denny W 13460 Private C
Coward J 13461 Private C
Close L 13462 Private C
Cherry W T 13463 Private C
Calvert W H 13464 Private C
Bushby W J 13465 Private C
Bond J 13466 Private C
Atkinson R 13467 Private C
Atkinson J 13468 Private C
Atkinson J H 13469 Private C
Atkinson F J 13470 Private C
Atkinson J W 13471 Company Quarter Master Sergeant C
Airey H 13472 Private C
Airey F 13473 Private C
Wilson J 13475 Private C
Wilkin J 13476 Private C
Walker A 13478 Corporal C
Tyson J J 13479 Private C
Tibbs A 13480 Private C
Thomas F 13481 Private C
Smith J 13482 Sergeant C
Shuttleworth J 13484 Private C
Rumney P 13485 Lance Corporal D
Shaw Willis 13485 Sergeant C
Sandilands E 13487 Private C
Maddison G 13488 Private A
Moran F 13489 Private A
Lowry J 13491 Private A
Dock J 13493 Private A
Taylor C S 13494 Lance Corporal A
Nixon T 13495 Private B
Harkness J 13496 Private A
Graham C 13497 Private A
Kirkpatrick M 13498 Private A
Hunter W B 13499 Private A
Barnes W 13500 Private D
Troughton R 13622 Private C
Ward W 13623 Private C
Hogg C T 13625 Sergeant C
Chapman E 13628 Private C
Davis R 13629 Private C
Holhead A 13630 Private C
Hewitt J 13632 Private C
Nash W D 13633 Private C
Murray J 13634 Private D
Lumsdon T N 13635 Private D
Baxter H 13636 Private D
Armstrong W 13639 Private D
Nicholson N 13640 Private D
Stephen W W 13641 Sergeant D
Davis H 13642 Private D
Burrow T 13643 Private D
Alderson W 13645 Private D
Blezard A 13646 Private D
Lawson G 13648 Private D
Lowry J 13650 Private B
Waddington W 13652 Sergeant B
Bell J 13653 Corporal B
Isles J 13654 Corporal B
Ridley T 13655 Sergeant B
Murthwaite J 13656 Private B
Robinson C 13658 Private B
Winter W 13659 Private B
Gill J 13660 Lance Corporal B
Storey J 13661 Lance Corporal B
Honan J 13663 Private B
Airey J 13665 Lance Sergeant C
Cook W J 13666 Private B
Kirkwood T 13667 Private B
Little A 13668 Private B
Graham F 13671 Private B
Cook R 13674 Private A
Robinson T 13675 Private B
Hickson J 13676 Private B
Slee S 13677 Private B
Little J 13678 Private B
Bainbridge P 13680 Drummer B
Cherry J 13681 Corporal B
Carr W 13683 Private B
Skinner W 13684 Private D
Moffat A 13685 Company Sergeant Major B
Jackson R 13686 Private C
Pape J R 13690 Private B
Brown J H 13691 Private B
Bell T W 13692 Private A
Routledge J 13694 Private B
Raisbeck B 13695 Private D
Routledge R H 13696 Private B
Cant J C 13697 Private B
Fairley R 13700 Private B
Whalley H N 13701 Private B
Murray J J 13703 Private B
Atkinson J 13704 Lance Corporal B
Anderson R A 13705 Private B
Thompson J D 13706 Private B
Johnston J D 13709 Private B
Lorimer R 13712 Sergeant B
Bray J 13713 Private B
Mowbray R 13714 Lance Corporal B
Burgess J 13715 Private B
Johnston T P 13716 Private B
Holmes W 13717 Sergeant B
Bowling HJ 13718 Lance Corporal B
Armstrong S 13720 Private B
Harkins J E 13721 Private A
Watson F F 13722 Private A
Ritchie R 13723 Corporal A
Grimes F P 13724 Lance Corporal A
Thompson T 13726 Private A
Scott J 13728 Private A
Pedder A 13730 Private C
Woodward C 13733 Drummer C
Hall E F 13738 Private D
Steele A 13741 Corporal D
Hughes W 13744 Private D
Ruddick J C 13745 Sergeant B
Hogg R T 13746 Private B
Skinner R 13747 Private A
Woodburn S R 13747 Private C
Robinson C 13748 Private B
Veitch G 13750 Private B
Fuller T F 13754 Lance Corporal B
Wilson W 13755 Private B
Bell J 13756 Private B
Gibson T 13759 Private C
Little G E 13760 Private D
Watson W 13763 Private D
McKenzie J 13764 Private D
Storey J J 13767 Private B
Carruthers W I 13769 Private A
Clark J 13770 Private B
Steele R 13771 Private B
Jopson J W 13773 Private B
Jefferson J J 13774 Private B
Newton T 13775 Lance Corporal A
Ferguson W 13776 Private C
Ferguson W 13776 Lance Corporal C
Parnaby Trevor 13779 Private C
Todd M 13781 Private C
Graham T H G 13782 Private C
Jackson J 13783 Private C
Berry I 13784 Private C
Martin J R 13785 Corporal D
Elliott W 13786 Private C
Hine E 13790 Private C
Swainbank W G 13792 Private C
Ibison T 13793 Private C
Hogg E 13796 Private B
Chard W A 13798 Private B
Hay G 13799 Corporal B
Hart J 13800 Private B
Kenyon J 13801 Private B
Tiffen J 13803 Private B
Council W 13804 Private B
Hart R 13805 Private B
Douthwaite G 13809 Lance Corporal C
Bell J 13810 Private C
Atkinson J G 13811 Private B
McClennand G 13812 Private B
Storey M 13813 Private B
Graham J 13814 Private B
Kelton W I 13816 Private B
Winter J J 13817 Private B
Hope J 13818 Private B
Parker J 13819 Private B
Ellwood J 13820 Lance Corporal C
Nicholson S 13821 Private C
Turner T 13824 Private C
Davidson N N 13825 Corporal B
Elliman W 13826 Lance Corporal B
Hodgson H J 13827 Private B
Duckworth A 13828 Private B
Dixon R 13829 Lance Corporal B
Fee G 13830 Private B
Bannon J 13832 Private B
Jackson L G 13833 Private B
Shannon W 13836 Private B
Ord G 13837 Private B
McKenna J 13838 Lance Corporal B
Caddy S 13841 Private D
Carney P 13842 Private B
Tinkler T 13843 Private B
Laidlow W 13844 Private B
Brennan E 13846 Private C
Hill J R 13849 Private D
Dunn J 13850 Private D
Calvert W 13851 Private D
Weightman A 13852 Private D
Beighton F 13854 Private D
Bragg J 13855 Private D
Pearson R 13857 Private D
Holliday T 13860 Private D
Backhouse E 13861 Private C
Mitchinson A 13865 Lance Sergeant B
Humphries H W 13866 Sergeant C
Brunskill F 13867 Private C
Frith F 13869 Corporal C
Clement J 13870 Private C
Lowe S 13871 Private D
Culley J 13874 Private D
Rutherford T W 13875 Private D
Garrity T 13876 Private B
Copeland J H 13877 Lance Corporal B
Henderson J G 13878 Private B
Lowther J W 13879 Private B
Salkeld J W 13880 Private B
Ryan M 13881 Private D
Spencer T 13884 Private D
Laybourne R 13889 Private D
Armstrong J 13893 Private B
Williamson E 13898 Private B
Batey T W 13899 Private B
Metcalfe J F 13900 Private B
Glegg J 13901 Private B
Gibson T 13902 Lance Corporal B
Ivison G 13904 Private B
Richardson T H 13905 Private B
Harding J 13906 Private B
Richardson T 13908 Private B
Birkett J 13910 Private B
Carter J 13912 Private D
Turnbull J R 13913 Private A
Simpson J 13914 Private D
Gibbons J W 13915 Sergeant D
Dunston J W 13916 Lance Corporal D
McAdam J 13917 Private D
Pettitt H 13919 Private D
Campbell T 13920 Private D
Byers W 15235 Private B
McQuire J H 15261 Private D
Lewis O M 15264 Private D
Sowerby Jos 15265 Private C
Atkinson W 15266 Private C
Tunstall W L 15267 Private C
Spooner R T 15268 Private C
Spedding F 15269 Private B
Lennon G 15270 Lance Corporal B
Porter J H 15271 Private B
Henderson O 15272 Private B
Bell W 15273 Private B
Leighton J 15274 Private B
Dixon A B 15275 Private B
Carruthers T J 15277 Private B
Bell W J 15278 Private B
Smith J 15279 Private B
Bone E B 15280 Private B
Taylor J B 15281 Private C
Guy J W 15285 Private C
Wilson J 15286 Private C
Strong K 15287 Private C
Robinson W 15288 Private C
Sturdy H 15289 Private C
Johnson T J 15290 Lance Corporal C
Mitchell J 15294 Private C
Airey W 15295 Private C
Morton W R 15297 Private C
Lyon G W 15298 Private C
Sedgwick W 15300 Private C
Holmes W 15301 Private C
Troughton J 15302 Private C
Sanderson W F 15303 Private D
Boyes J 15304 Private D
Gasgarth W F 15307 Private C
Horn R S 15308 Private C
Bardgett J 15309 Private C
Wilson J G 15310 Private B
Johnstone W 15311 Private B
Brough J E 15312 Private B
Harrison J 15313 Private B
Nugent W 15314 Private B
Lakin S 15316 Private B
Davidson A 15320 Private B
Chandler A J 15321 Lance Corporal B
Raine J 15323 Private B
Sewell G 15324 Private B
Scales C 15327 Private B
Nicholson T J 15328 Private B
Queen T 15329 Private B
Bulman A 15331 Private B
Hewson W 15333 Private B
Jones P L 15334 Private B
Elliott J 15335 Private B
Fehrenbach T 15343 Private B
Davidson J 15344 Private B
Wilson J 15346 Lance Corporal B
Coulthard R 15347 Private B
Daly W 15348 Private B
Donoghue B 15349 Private B
Wilson W 15352 Private C
Fisher G E 15353 Private C
Leek J W 15354 Private C
Sewell J 15355 Sergeant B
Warwick G 15356 Private B
Wilson T 15357 Private B
Cochrane TJ 15359 Lance Corporal B
Blackburn C 15360 Private B
McLean J 15361 Private B
Jones A 15362 Private B
Topping I G 15364 Lance Corporal B
Jones P A 15365 Lance Corporal B
Williams D B 15368 Private D
Carter A 15369 Private D
Harrison T 15370 Private D
Pattinson J 15371 Private D
Davidson F 15372 Private D
Purdham N 15375 Private D
Coates W 15376 Private D
Wallace P 15378 Private D
Harrison H 15379 Private D
Kennedy L 15380 Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant D
Thompson W 15381 Private D
Bell J J 15382 Private D
Lumsdon A P 15383 Private D
Sowerby G 15384 Private B
Smith J 15385 Private B
Little T 15386 Private B
Elliott J 15387 Private B
Carruthers R 15390 Private B
Francis F E 15391 Lance Corporal B
Kay J 15394 Private B
Lowes C 15396 Private B
Askins G H 15397 Private C
Robinson F 15398 Private C
Cousins W H 15399 Lance Corporal C
Bland J H 15400 Private C
Hull W J 15401 Private C
Cairns T 15402 Private C
Stephenson R 15403 Private C
Relph T 15404 Private C
Jackson J 15405 Private C
Dalton W 15406 Private A
Collister J J 15408 Private D
Burns J W 15409 Private A
Bennett T 15410 Private A
Brown J 15413 Private A
Birrell E 15414 Private A
Irving S R 15415 Private A
Lamont T R 15416 Private D
White E 15418 Private D
McWhorter J 15420 Private D
Dawson T E 15422 Private D
Walker R 15424 Sergeant D
Barker J 15427 Private C
Wightman T 15428 Private C
Glasson T S 15430 Lance Corporal A
Robley T 15432 Private C
Hodgkinson F 15434 Private C
Rudd J W 15435 Private D
Ewan A 15438 Corporal C
Armstrong J W 15439 Private D
Moore J 15440 Private A
Richardson T 15442 Private A
Gunnion I 15446 Private D
Davies Evan 15447 Sergeant D
Blair H 15449 Private D
Dorman W 15451 Private D
Humphries H 15452 Private D
Shannon G 15456 Private A
McKenzie J 15457 Lance Corporal A
Nixon W 15458 Private D
Barker S 15459 Private C
Lee B 15459 Private A
Thompson D 15460 Private A
Skinner D 15461 Private A
Lawson J 15462 Private A
Glaister R 15463 Private A
Hayton W 15464 Private A
Greenall J 15465 Private A
McCall G W 15466 Private A
Fletcher T M 15470 Private C
Fletcher E 15471 Private C
Strong F 15473 Private C
Stamper J 15474 Private C
McGenn J J 15475 Private C
Dixon W 15476 Private C
Stobbart R 15477 Private C
Elleray W 15478 Private C
Loakes H A 15479 Private C
Lund G H 15481 Private C
Blain J 15483 Private C
Millray C W 15484 Private C
Martin B 15485 Private C
Groves W 15487 Private C
Gasson A 15488 Private D
White W 15490 Private D
Bell O 15491 Lance Corporal D
Bacon S 15492 Private D
Waite J 15493 Private D
Lightfoot J J 15495 Private D
Rutherford G 15496 Private D
Whitehead T 15499 Private D
Green J 15500 Sergeant A
Hall W 15501 Private A
Pillans J W 15502 Private A
Johnston D 15503 Private A
Beaumont W 15504 Private A
Smith J 15507 Private A
Hall W 15508 Private A
Thirlwell R F 15510 Lance Corporal D
Howson J 15511 Private D
Newton R 15512 Private D
Davies J T 15513 Lance Corporal D
Jones J L 15514 Private D
Holmes B 15515 Private A
Acton R 15517 Private D
Beadle W 15519 Private A
Storey J J 15520 Lance Corporal A
Richardson T W 15521 Private A
Benwood J 15522 Lance Corporal A
Donaldson J 15523 Private A
Bradley W A 15524 Lance Corporal A
Tindall S 15525 Lance Corporal A
McKenzie W 15526 Private A
Barlow J W 15529 Private A
Steele W 15530 Private D
Whitmore J 15531 Private A
Tweedle J 15532 Private D
Kitchen J 15533 Private D
Coulthard M 15534 Private A
McDonald J 15535 Private A
Jamieson J 15536 Private A
Nugent T 15537 Private A
Warbrick T H 15538 Private A
Furness J E 15539 Private A
Bannon H J 15542 Private A
Graham H 15543 Private A
Etchells T 15544 Private A
Cowing J 15548 Private B
White J 15551 Private B
Bewlay E 15552 Private B
Steele B I L 15553 Private B
Irving J A 15554 Private B
Martin J 15555 Lance Sergeant B
Forsyth A 15556 Private D
Waites J B 15557 Private B
Heslop J G 15558 Private B
Maw F 15559 Private B
Tinkler J T 16255 Private C
Cherry A W 16256 Private C
Hardisty J 16258 Corporal C
Whitfield R 16260 Private B
Birbeck T 16261 Private B
Wilson I 16262 Private B
Lawson J R 16263 Private B
Topping J 16264 Private B
MacIntosh H 16266 Private B
Dockray G 16267 Private B
Downing F 16268 Private B
Oglethorpe J W 16269 Corporal D
Moore J 16271 Private D
Thompson A 16272 Private D
McCullock A T 16273 Private D
Morton J R 16274 Sergeant D
Mitchinson M 16275 Lance Corporal D
Martin J 16276 Private D
Davies I 16278 Private D
Atkinson R W 16280 Private C
Bulman H 16281 Private C
Haston W 16282 Private C
Diewell A 16283 Private C
Ward J 16284 Private C
Sowerby W 16285 Private C
Marshall T 16288 Lance Corporal C
Hutchinson T 16289 Private C
Allen H 16290 Private C
Atkinson E 16291 Private C
McDermott J J 16292 Private B
McMullen J 16293 Private D
Hill Allan 16294 Private D
Grieve T 16295 Lance Corporal D
Bowman W E 16296 Private D
McKegg R J R 16298 Private D
Diamond J 16299 Private D
Edward T 16300 Private D
Hetherington R D 16301 Private D
Fisher R 16302 Private D
Potts R 16303 Private D
Copeland W P 16304 Private D
Caine W 16305 Private D
Pears J C 16307 Private D
Edmondson J G 16308 Private D
Seymour T C 16309 Private D
Aikens G 16310 Private D
Simon H 16311 Private D
Braniff J 16313 Private C
Gibson F B 16315 Private D
Kirkbride J W 16316 Private D
White John 16317 Private D
Clark W 16318 Private D
Walker T 16319 Private D
Bateman F 16320 Private D
Young H 16322 Private D
Kennough R 16324 Private D
Harvey A H 16325 Private D
Hinchcliffe R L 16326 Private D
Graves F 16327 Private B
Hewitt G 16329 Private C
Wilkinson J 16330 Private C
Wren T 16332 Private C
Banks G 16333 Private C
Garnett T 16334 Private C
Wells B 16335 Private C
Mallinson R H 16336 Private C
Hartley J 16337 Private C
Warwick S 16338 Private C
Foster W 16339 Lance Corporal C
Maynard R B 16340 Corporal C
Whitfield J 16341 Private C
Fairer J M 16342 Private C
Hunter J W 16345 Private B
Reay G E 16346 Private B
Savage A 16347 Private B
Noble J S 16348 Private B
Atkinson T 16349 Private B
Smith E 16350 Lance Corporal B
Bainbridge T 16352 Private B
Carrick J 16353 Private B
Winter R 16354 Private B
Kendall J W 16355 Private D
Steel G 16356 Sergeant B
Pingue T 16359 Private B
Jackson J 16360 Private B
Holder H 16361 Private B
Foster W J 16363 Private B
Hill J 16364 Private B
Glaister J N 16365 Private B
Edmonson J 16366 Private B
Graham W 16367 Corporal B
Elliott G 16368 Private B
Walton A J 16369 Private B
Watt J 16371 Private B
Charlton J W 16373 Private B
Stoddart W 16374 Lance Corporal B
McKillop D 16375 Lance Corporal D
Harrison J 16376 Private B
Brown J 16377 Private B
Haley T 16378 Private B
Ferguson W 16379 Private B
Sparke T E 16380 Private A
Wilkins J W 16382 Private B
Frazer J 16384 Private B
Johnstone T 16385 Private B
Raine P 16387 Private B
Skinner C 16388 Private B
Thorburn I 16389 Private B
Nicholson G 16390 Private B
Johnstone J W 16391 Corporal A
Stordy J 16394 Lance Corporal D
Smith I S 16395 Private D
Burrow H W 16396 Private D
Shilton G 16400 Private D
Sarginson A 16401 Private D
Murphy F 16402 Private D
Hallsall W 16403 Private D
Dockray J 16404 Private D
Shuttleworth S H 16405 Private D
Minchella L 16406 Private D
Riley R 16408 Private D
Tyre R 16409 Private D
Ashton A 16411 Private D
Duers Fergus 16412 Private D
Hamilton T 16413 Private D
Semple R R 16414 Private D
McCracken T 16415 Private D
Templeton H 16416 Lance Corporal D
Dixon J 16420 Private D
Pugh C W 16421 Lance Corporal D
Cunningham J 16422 Private D
Vickers T A 16423 Private D
Haggs W 16425 Private D
Tarney T H 16426 Private D
Davidson G 16430 Private D
Penny W J 16432 Private D
Hodgson T 16434 Private D
Owens J J 16435 Private D
Thompson W 16436 Private D
Collis I 16437 Lance Corporal D
Wilson G H 16438 Private D
Skelton R 16439 Private D
Brown E B 16440 Private D
Bell W 16441 Private D
Postlethwaite W H 16442 Lance Corporal D
Cameron J 16443 Private D
Burns R V 16444 Corporal D
Smith J 16445 Private D
Pattinson R B 16447 Private C
Cragg G 16450 Lance Corporal C
Bell T 16451 Lance Corporal D
Ward H 16452 Private D
Ingledow W J B 17310 Private A
James D 17312 Private A
McIntosh R 17313 Private A
Moffatt R 17314 Private A
Dobson W 17315 Private A
Scott R 17316 Private A
Leslie T 17318 Private A
Peascod J 17320 Private A
Irving M 17321 Lance Corporal A
Watt J W 17322 Private A
Watt G 17323 Private A
Whyte J 17324 Lance Corporal A
Furness F 17325 Private A
Graham D 17326 Private D
Park G 17327 Private A
Hetherington T W 17328 Private A
Harrison T 17330 Private A
Jackson G W 17331 Private A
Pattinson R T 17333 Lance Corporal D
Wood P 17334 Private A
Wren J 17335 Private A
Cartner A E 17340 Lance Corporal A
Smith H 17343 Private C
Moffatt J T 17344 Private C
Newton H 17345 Lance Corporal C
Brocklebank E 17346 Private C
Proctor J H 17347 Private C
Rand F 17348 Corporal C
Heatherington A 17349 Private C
Douglas L 17350 Private D
McLean W J 17351 Private D
Armstrong J 17352 Sergeant D
Gregg J J 17354 Private C
Fell W A 17355 Private C
Douthwaite E J 17356 Private C
Carradus H 17357 Private C
Hughes E J 17358 Private C
Graham R 17360 Private A
Porteous W 17361 Private B
Carruthers J C 17362 Private A
Lyons E 17364 Coporal D
Wightman J 17365 Private A
Wright G F 17366 Private B
Bell T 17367 Lance Corporal C
Hayston H 17368 Private A
Telford S 17369 Private A
Potts I 17370 Private A
Jackson T E 17371 Private B
Barnes J H 17372 Private A
Nichol T 17374 Private D
Irving R 17375 Private D
Little J 17376 Private D
Miller G 17377 Private A
Graham J 17378 Private A
Wilson T S 17379 Private A
Nichel H E 17380 Private A
Robley J 17381 Private C
McDonald D 17383 Private A
Armstrong W S 17384 Private A
Wilson F G 17385 Private A
McDonald T 17386 Private A
Tweedie L W 17388 Private D
Harrison T 17390 Private D
Hunter A 17395 Private A
Bell L 17396 Private A
Sydney Alf 17399 Lance Corporal D
Gilmore P 17400 Private D
McEwan J W 17401 Lance Corporal D
Shuttleworth J W 17402 Private D
Harriman J 17403 Private D
Farraghar A 17404 Private D
Sisson R 17406 Private C
Newton J 17409 Private A
Dent H 17411 Corporal C
Johnston T 17412 Private A
Moffatt T W 17414 Private D
Bailiff J 17415 Private D
Robson J 17415 Private A
Brown A 17417 Private D
Wymes E 17418 Private A
Smith T 17419 Private A
Bell T 17420 Private D
McLaughlan J 17421 Private D
Hogg F W 17422 Private C
Allenby R 17423 Private C
Elliott J 17424 Private B
Burrows J 17425 Private D
Craigie C G 17426 Lance Corporal D
Thompson J 17427 Private C
Haycock E 17430 Private D
Wannop T 17431 Private D
Benson J 17432 Private D
Wightman H 17433 Private D
Pattinson W 17434 Private D
Wills W 17435 Private B
Nichol J 17436 Private B
Rumney J W 17437 Private D
Robinson J 17438 Private D
Heskett T W 17439 Private D
Bowness F 17440 Private D
Dugdale T 17441 Private C
Gamsby J 17443 Private C
Parkin G 17444 Private C
Clark G A 17445 Private C
Mitchell T P 17448 Lance Corporal D
Cowan J 17449 Private D
Scott H 17451 Private D
McLean M 17452 Private D
Carruthers J 17454 Private B
Long R 17455 Private C
Burton J H 17456 Private C
Thorburn W J 17458 Private B
Wilson W H 17459 Private A
Bowker T E 17460 Private C
Elliott W 17461 Private C
Hogg T W 17463 Private B
Thompson R E 17466 Private B
Brownrigg A 17467 Private B
Stott F 17468 Private B
Roberts H 17469 Private A
Simpson J G 17470 Private B
Wilson W 17471 Private B
McGenn J 17472 Private C
Holliday L B 17473 Private B
Little W 17481 Private C
Brannan M 17482 Drummer C
Thompson W 17483 Private B
Parkinson T 17484 Private D
Hepple J 17487 Private B
Nicholson J 17488 Drummer A
McDonald K 17490 Private D
Nichol R H 17491 Private D
Mounsey J T 17492 Lance Corporal D
Williams W L 17493 Private D
Stevenson C J 17494 Private C
Kirkbride W 17496 Private D
Hackett A 17497 Lance Corporal D
Wilson T B 17498 Private D
Millican T P 17500 Private C
Irving I 17502 Private A
Hayston J 17503 Private A
Anderson T R 17504 Private D
Routledge H 17506 Private D
Quinn J 17508 Lance Corporal B
Robinson J W 17509 Private C
Irving T 17510 Private B
Crane C 17513 Private B
Bell J A 17514 Private D
Bragg J H 17515 Private D
Sproat G 17516 Private A
Messenger G 17517 Private A
Dowson J H 17518 Private A
Cook M L 17519 Private A
O\'Reilly T 17521 Private C
Hyslop A 17522 Private D
Allison D J 17523 Private D
Hayes T 17527 Private A
Murray R 17527 Lance Corporal A
Gaughy A 17531 Private B
Glendinning W 17538 Private C
Hetherington E 17539 Private A
Bell A 17540 Lance Corporal C
Elliott J R 17541 Private C
Critchley E 17542 Private D
Garner T R 17543 Private D
Stamp J 17544 Private A
Kindlysides H J 17545 Private C
Cooper R H 17547 Private D
Armstrong J 17550 Private D
Rafferty P 17551 Private D
Elliott A 17552 Private B
Blackett J 17554 Private B
Hartness T C 17555 Private A
Askew A 17557 Private C
Black W W 17560 Private C
Jamieson G 17563 Private A
Smith Joseph 17568 Private D
Graham E 17570 Private C
Hopkins G C 17571 Private A
Irving R 17572 Private A
Steel J 17573 Private C
McCracken P 17574 Private D
Lister A K 17576 Lance Corporal B
McLagan J 17577 Private B
Graham G 17578 Private B
Johnston W 17579 Private B
Eland W 17580 Private D
Bacon Wm 17581 Private D
Little F 17584 Private D
Nicholson J W 17587 Private D
Fidler J E 17588 Private A
Sewell A 17590 Private B
Moffat R 17592 Private A
Glaister J 17593 Private D
Carruthers R D 17594 Private A
Millar J 17596 Private B
Elliott A 17597 Private B
Graham R J 17598 Private A
Maxfield T 17599 Private B
Bell W 17600 Lance Corporal A
Carter H 17601 Private B
Mounsey T 17605 Private B
Grounds G H 17606 Lance Corporal A
Holgate C W 17608 Private B
Ellwood E J 17609 Private C
Clarke T D 19422 Private D
Jenkinson M M 19424 Private D
Lewis J 19429 Private B
Matthews A J 19433 Company Sergeant Major D
Marrs J 19434 Private C
Irwin G 19436 Private A
McClusky J 19441 Private D
Simpson I 19442 Private A
Graham F 19443 Private B
Casson J 19448 Private D
Ellwood W 19449 Private C
Reay J 19449 Private D
Harker T W 19453 Private D
Farrer J 19455 Private A
Pattinson W H 19459 Private D
Jefferson R 19460 Private A
Massey H 19461 Private C
Thompson W J 19462 Private A
Tait J 19463 Private A
Robinson T 19465 Private D
Sawer A 19466 Lance Corporal C
Scott J 19467 Private C
Lyon J 19469 Lance Corporal D
Hume W 19471 Private A
Scott W O 19475 Regimental Sergeant Major A
Graham P 19476 Private B
Hamilton W 19477 Private D
Thomlinson J J 19478 Private B
Tiffen T W 19479 Lance Corporal B
Bowman H 19480 Private B
Robinson T B 19484 Private B
Martindale H 19485 Private C
Murphy J R 19486 Corporal D
Paisley J 19488 Private B
Wright J J 19489 Private B
Main W H 19490 Corporal B
Thompson T 19491 Private B
Norman T 19492 Private B
Boustead ?? 19495 Private B
Robson G G 19496 Private B
Mounsey J 19498 Private D
Timmons M 19499 Private D
Burton E 19500 Private A
Scott H 19501 Private C
Fidler J 19502 Private A
Hartness R 19506 Private A
Hartley J 19508 Private C
Cubby E J 19510 Private A
Graham J G 19511 Private B
Hetherington F 19512 Private A
Johnston J 19512 Private A
Gate H 19514 Lance Corporal A
Willshaw J 19518 Private D
Wightmen L 19522 Private A
Scrivens S 19523 Private C
Beatty W 19524 Private D
Beatty T 19525 Private D
Johnson H B 19526 Private C
Watson F W 19527 Private C
Burrows F W 19530 Corporal B
Beatham J W 19532 Private D
Ridley W 19533 Private C
Rumney T 19535 Private D
Reay T 19537 Private D
Litt G 19538 Private D
Purdham R J 19539 Private C
Moore W H 19540 Private D
Stoddart J 19542 Private D
Goodfellow W 19544 Private D
Denholm Alexander 19546 Private D
Murray H C 19547 Private D
Jackson H 19549 Private C
Ivinson T E 19552 Private B
Bell J 19553 Private B
Simpson L 19554 Private D
Bowman H 19556 Private D
Hogg G R 19557 Private A
Johnston G P 19558 Lance Corporal B
Trow F 19559 Private A
Irving J D 19563 Lance Corporal D
Lowman J W 19564 Corporal D
Dalzell M 19565 Private B
Carson J 19567 Lance Corporal C
Studholme J 19568 Private B
Hope J E 19569 Private C
Duff J S 19570 Private C
Hall W H 19571 Private C
Bragg J W 19572 Private D
Anderson R 19574 Private D
Dobinson G F 19575 Private C
Nichol G 19576 Lance Corporal B
Elliott J B 19580 Private D
Joughin R A 19581 Private D
Jenkinson A 19586 Private D
Irving J 19587 Private D
Park R 19588 Private D
Finlayson J W 19589 Private B
Armstrong T 19591 Corporal B
McDougall 19592 Private B
Brough J 19593 Private B
Shadwick H 19594 Corporal D
Teasdale B 19597 Lance Corporal A
Little H 19598 Private B
Jackson H 19600 Lance Sergeant B
Bell J 19601 Private B
Rayson G 19602 Private B
Hoban G 19604 Private D
Boustead W 19608 Private B
Armstrong F 19609 Corporal C
Gaddes J A 19613 Private A
Studholme R B 19614 Lance Corporal C
Campbell J 19621 Private D
Little A 19622 Lance Corporal B
Brown J J 19624 Private D
Sisson R H 19625 Private D
Little J 19628 Lance Corporal C
Casson J H 19637 Lance Corporal D
Errington L J 19639 Lance Corporal A
Gearing R 19641 Private A
Hetherington J 19642 Private A
Greig J W 19644 Private B
Simpson J J 19647 Private C
Walker W 19647 Private C
Purdham J 19649 Private A
Bell D 19654 Private B
Dalgleish T 19656 Private A
Walker R L 19658 Lance Corporal A
Jackson J T 19659 Lance Corporal B
Bland T 19662 Lance Corporal C
Robson F 19666 Lance Corporal B
Sanderson J W 19669 Private C
Hall G 19670 Private B
Beckett O 19678 Lance Corporal B
Hardy T 19679 Private C
Reid A 19682 Lance Corporal D
Lowthian H W 19683 Private A
Watters G H 19684 Private A
Nicholson J J 19685 Lance Corporal A
Bell J G 19688 Private B
Osborne J B 19691 Private A
Bowman T 19692 Private C
Nicholson H 19695 Private B
Turrell J 19697 Private A
Shaw G T L 19702 Lance Corporal C
Farley J 19703 Lance Corporal B
Studholme J B 19705 Private B
Murray T 19707 Lance Corporal A
Casson W 19709 Private B
Hill T B 19712 Private C
Hetherington H J 19714 Private C
Coulthard W C 19719 Private B
Black W 19720 Private A
Taylor H 21433 Private B
Potts T W 21450 Lance Corporal B
Burton L 21455 Private C
Storey T 21461 Private C
Hind J J 21464 Private A
Billings J H 21468 Private D
Nicholson W 21481 Private C
Thompson J J 21481 Private C
Sewell J 21485 Private B
Thwaites T 21486 Lance Corporal C
Little G 21491 Private B
Preston W 23253 Lance Corporal B
Jones A J 23258 Private B
Potter T W 23259 Private B
Evans T 23263 Lance Corporal B
Snaith H 23276 Lance Corporal C
Seddon R E 23277 Private C
Holliday A 23286 Private D
McGee J W 23290 Lance Sergeant D
Scott J 23299 Private C
Thompson T W 23307 Lance Corporal A
Robinson F 23316 Private A
Baines B 23323 Private C
Henderson C 23334 Private C
Hogarth W 23335 Private A
Parker J B 23337 Private A
Toole H 23345 Lance Corporal D
Pearson J H 23346 Private A
Jackson F W 23347 Private A
Watson T W 23351 Private C
Waite R 23357 Lance Corporal D
Matthews R 23363 Private C
Jefferson J 23364 Private D
Irving J 23365 Private B
Errington J J 23370 Lance Corporal A
Wilson H 23375 Private C
Close A 23403 Private D
Bryan C 23407 Corporal A
Grisedale T 23513 Private C
Christian T G 24007 Private D
Huddart MM Private A
Horner E 21484 Private C
Nelson A 19536 Private C
Lee J R 23366 A

References / notes

  • Data supplied by Kevin Johnstone.
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