Battalions of the Border Regiment during the Great War

During the Great War there were a total of 17 Battalions in the Border Regiment, though not all existed at the same time. The Regulars (1st and 2nd Battalions) were already well established by 1914 and had been around since 1881, having previously existed as the the 34th and 55th Regiments of Foot respectively. Some territorial and service battalions were not formed until shortly after the war had begun and others were absorbed or disbanded long before the war came to an end.

The battalions of the regiment comprised thus: three Regular Army Battalions, six Territorial Force Battalions[1] and seven New Army battalions, also known as Service or Pals battalions. A further battalion, the 13th Battalion, was absorbed into the 11th Battalion Hampshire Regiment 17 days after it was formed.

See Battalions of the Border Regiment for more detail.

Battalions of the Border Regiment during the Great War
1st Battalion Regular Army
2nd Battalion Regular Army
3rd Battalion Regular Army (Reserve)
4th Battalion consisting of: Territorial Force (Cumberland & Westmorland)
5th Battalion consisting of: Territorial Force (Cumberland)
6th Battalion Service
7th Battalion Service
8th Battalion Service
9th Battalion Service (Pioneer)
10th Battalion Service (Reserve)
11th Battalion Service (The Lonsdale Battalion)
12th Battalion Service (Reserve)
13th Battalion

References / notes

  1. Primarily there were only two Territorial Force battalions, however, these were extended to incorporated 4 other battalions, namely: 2/4th, 3/4th, 2/5th and 3/5th battalions.
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