Been Back a Bit, but Moved Up Again

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But Moved Up Again

Private J. Howsen, 11th Border, in a letter dated April 14th says:

Dear Star Man,

I now take the pleasure of writing and acknowledging the parcel of smokes forwarded on to me, and I must take this opportunity of thanking the customers of the Royal Hotel, oh! to have a night with them! Well we have been back a bit, but they have moved us up again, and we expect to go in the firing line in a couple of days time. I saw in your paper where the 5th Border were grumbling about hard work, but I think all the Border men are alike. If there are any fatigues in our Division it’s “send for the 11th Border.” Thanking you and your subscribers for their kindness towards me, and trusting you will convey my thanks to the customers of the Royal Hotel, not forgetting Jack Bates himself, through your valuable paper.

P.S. – As regards the fatigues our fellows have to do, they have got a little rhyme up, and it can be seen any time you have a mind to have a walk up the communication trench to the firing line. It runs as follows:

The Lord made the bee,
The bee made the honey;
The Border do the work,
And the R.E.’s get the money.
Workington Star and Harrington Guardian, Published 28 April 1916.
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