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Workington Star and Harrington Guardian

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11 August Notes of the Week (Editorial about the War)
11 September Notes of the Week (Editorial against Man or Mouse Poster)
18 September The Lonsdale Battalion
25 September Workington Committee for Lonsdale Recruiting
2 October Notes of the Week (Editorial about Raising the Lonsdales)
9 October Men of Cumberland and Westmorland (Newspaper advert)
23 October More Recruits for Lonsdale Battalion
30 October Lonsdale Battalion - More Workington Recruits
6 November Lonsdale Battalion Coming Tomorrow
6 November Lonsdale Battalion - New Company to be Formed
14 November Lonsdale Battalion Doing Well
26 November Lonsdale Battalion - Further list of Recruits
25 December Lonsdale Battalion - New Local Recruits


24 November Lonsdales in the Trenches - Chaplain wants Football for Them
26 November The King's Message to the Lonsdales
24 December A Bit of Rotten Luck
31 December A Perpetual Stream of Bullets
31 December Footballs and Cards to Hand


?? January Lonsdales Killing Germans & Sticking it Well
?? January Overrun with Rats
?? January Run Out
14 January Lonsdales got Their Football
14 January Rats in Millions
2 February A Tribute to Private McQuire
2 February Workington Lonsdale's Wounds
4 February Lonsdales Bring in Their First Prisoners
4 February Fit and Ready for Anything
4 February A Smile for Everybody and Always Obliging
11 February All Fairly Well and Cheerful
11 February Had a Few More Casualties but Hoping for a Rest
11 February Had Quite a Rough Time but More Determined Than Ever
13 February An Unlucky Company
13 February Now then, You Lads at Workington
10 March Got Concertina All Right - Plenty of Mud but No Shells
10 March In Canvas Huts Surrounded by Mud
24 March Lonsdales Lose Some Fine Chaps
24 March Lost a Few Men
24 March Three Caught, Two Suffocated
24 March Will Be Satisfied Now
21 April Well on the Road to Recovery
28 April Been Back a Bit, but Moved up Again
28 April May Be Called Upon Any Minute
12 May Will Make Them Give in
12 May Brought Back Memories of Old 'Derby Days'
12 May Busy Having Pieces of the Kaiser's Iron Taken From His Chest
12 May Made Fritz Angry
12 May Thinking of Uppies & Downies
12 May Won a Football Competition
16 June More Local Casualties
30 June Had Severe Blows - Lonsdales Resting
30 June Two in Hospital and One of Them a Lost Brother
7 July War Items - Colonel Machell Killed & Batch of Wounded
7 July Wounded Three Times - Ran with Bombs
14 July An Appreciation of Lt-Col. Colonel Machell
14 July Casualties
14 July Killed - Pte. Osbourne Morgan Lewis
14 July Wounded - Pte. Robert McKegg
21 July Deaths - Local Border Men
21 July Killed - Official Notifications
21 July It's Been an Awful Time
21 July Workington's Black Week
4 August Private Harry Blair Missing
18 August Wounded Workington Men
1 December Killed - Sgt. Arthur Hackett
1 December Wounded - L/Cpl. R. Potts & Sgt. J.W. Oglethorpe
15 December Killed - Private M. Timmins
15 December Wounded - Private Harold Pettitt
15 December Wounded - Signaller T. Lumsden
22 December Missing - L/Cpl. E.J. Bowman


6 July Killed - Pte. James B. Simpson
8 July Killed - Pte. James Diamond
8 July Local Casualties - Cpl. J. Mewhorter
8 July More Wounded


10 May Local Casualties - L/Cpl. Alf Sydney


  • All newspaper articles researched and provided by Peter Sloan.
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