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A Bit of Rotten Luck

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Lonsdales Wounded On Way To Trenches

Corporal J. Smith, 11th Borders in a letter to his parents on December 19th, says: - Just a few lines to let you know that I have been wounded, but I am going on champion.

A piece of shrapnel went clean through my right thigh while I was going into the trenches with my mates. There were two of us knocked out at the same time. We had a bit of rotten luck that day, and the trenches are four feet deep with mud and water. It was very hard for us, seeing we were new to the place. I went through an operation on Wednesday night… They took the tube out of my wound today. I expect I’ll be sent home any time about Christmas… The doctors and nurses are very nice to the wounded. They will do anything to help you… How is everybody at Workington? Give my kind regards to all.
Workington Star and Harrington Guardian, Published 24 December, 1915.
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