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Three Caught, Two Suffocated

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Two Suffocated

Private J.W. Kirkbride, 11th Border, in a letter received on Monday, writes:

Dear Mr. Star – Man,

I take this opportunity of thanking you and Mr. McIntyre and customers, for the parcels of tobacco and cigs. Which I received quite safe on March 12th. We came out of the trenches on Friday, but before leaving our Company had a bit of bad luck with having an officer and sergeant killed, and two privates wounded, and we have heard that one of them has died of his wounds. B Company of our Battalion had one of their dug-outs blown in by a German shell, there were three caught in, but one was brought out troubled with shock, and two were suffocated.

P.S. Privates F. Bateman and R. Newton wish me to thank you through this letter for parcels received, and wish you all the best of luck.
Workington Star and Harrington Guardian, Published 24 March 1916.
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