12 March


Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 12 March.
For events that took place elsewhere, see 12 March on The Great War wiki.

1915 (Friday)

  • J. Cunningham (16422) is forfeited his pay.[1]
  • Tom Teasdaler (19437) enlists to E Company.[1]

1916 (Sunday)

  • Albert: In billets providing working parties for the Royal Engineers.
  • Captain A. J. Dawson is invalided home.
  • Captain Corbett takes over command of D Company.[2]
  • Joseph Martin writes a letter to the Workington Star and Harrington Guardian:
    Dear Sir, Just a line to say that I received your parcel of cigarettes and twist, and also matches, which prove to be very serviceable here, and useful, as you will no doubt be aware that French matches are absolutely useless, and beyond the means of the soldiers here. I am sure it speaks highly of you and your readers who subscribe so magnificently to your fund to provide smokes for those who are enduring the state of things in this country. I am pleased to say we are all quite well at present, and we are out of the trenches for a few days, but will not be long till we are back again. I am sorry to say that we lost some very fine chaps last week, including our Platoon Officer. You might find room in your valuable paper for these few lines, and to thank Mr. J. Sherwen, of Distington, for his kindness. I ask him to accept my kind regards and good wishes, and success to your valuable paper.[3]

1917 (Monday)

  • Situated in the Support Intermediate Line (Kuropatkin). Lonsdale and Royal Engineer working parties take place in the trenches during the day.
  • Battalion relieves the 17th Highland Light Infantry in the front line trenches.

1918 (Tuesday)


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