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8 March

From the Lonsdale Battalion wiki

Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 8 March.
For events that took place elsewhere, see 8 March on The Great War wiki.

1915 (Monday)

  • Tender from John Hewitson, St. Nicholas slate works: to point up and repair to prevent snow etc. drifting on to the beds at the above [racing stables] so help to make the place more comfortable for the sum of three pounds.[1]
  • Battalion Orders: All Officers, N.C. Officers and men who have not been vaccinated will parade for vaccination tomorrow.[2]
  • H. Davies (13642) and J.W. Gibbons (13915) of D Company are promoted to the rank of Sergeant.[3]
  • Transfers: Acting CSM R. Oliver (13245) transfers from D Company to E Company.[3]
  • Punishments and forfeiture of pay.[3][a]

1916 (Wednesday)

  • Battalion situated at the front in the E1 sector near Hénencourt. Day quiet.

1917 (Thursday)

  • Battalion located in the Ney Sector opposite Fouquescourt in the front line system.
  • Relieved by 17th Highland Light Infantry and withdraw to 'Kuropatkin' as Support.

1918 (Friday)

  • Battalion in Brigade Reserve at Abri Wood.
  • Stand-to at 8am as a result of a raid on the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders about 'Owls Wood'.
  • Two companies move to Widjendrift Road, but precaution is cancelled at 4pm and preparations are made to move forward on the 9 March.


  1. The following men are forfeited their pay:
    • T.W. Watters (13351)
    • J. Birkett (13910) of B Company
    • J. Smith (15385) B Company
    • T. Richardson (13908) of B Company
    • T. Cape (13873) of D Company
    • W. Johnstone (15311) of B Company
    • J.W. Kendall (16355) of D Company


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