10 March

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Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 10 March.


  • Battalion Orders: Arrangements having been made for 4 Officers and 16 NCO’s per....Company to undergo a modified preliminary course of musketry at Burgh-on-Sands....cold luncheon to be carried in haversacks, Greatcoats carried in packs or worn....will arrange for the 10 Service Rifles to be handed over....and for 15 rounds per man to be issued. Preference will be given ... who have never previously fired any course of Musketry. [1]
  • Battalion orders: The Miniature Range will be at the disposal of....for the purpose of firing any casuals or bad shots in application practice. [1]
  • Punishments in detention and forfeiture of pay for absence: J. Lowry (13650) and R. Hogg (13746) of B Company.[2]
  • Enlistment to E Company: G. Irwin (19436).[2]



  • Battalion situated in the Support Intermediate Line (Kuropatkin). Raid decided on from from previous day's discussion and a party of volunteers are chosen. The party withdraws out of the line to Beaucourt to practice for the raid.[7]


  • Battalion situated in the line. Listening post in front of No.6 post raided at 1pm. 1 man is captured and 1 is wounded. Enemy quiet during the day. Machine guns active at night.[8]

References / notes[edit]

Material from Timeline/Chronology of the Lonsdale Battalion (September 1914 - May 1915) are sourced from the DLONS/L/13/13 Lowther Estate Archives. Entries from this timeline are reproduced here with kind permission of Jim Lowther and are not available under the license of this site. Please do not publish these extracts on other publicly visible media without prior permission from the copyright holder.