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Sergts. W.W.S.,[1] T.B., R.W.,[2] of 11th Border, in a letter dated March 11th, say: -


May we, through the medium of your excellent paper, and knowing it to have such a large circulation in Workington and district, be allowed to express our disappointment and regret that the proceedings of the Workington Tribunal should be held in private? We out here have been anticipating with great pleasure reading the (to us) humorous excuses of some of the notorious local slackers and now we find this simple enjoyment has been denied us by the Tribunal’s motion.

When we enlisted it was with pride we viewed our names in your paper notifying all the world, if need be that we had volunteered to do our bit, and now although a small part of that bit has already been done we consider even that too small, while the miserable slackers at home endeavour to excuse themselves from even Home Service.

The papers from other places have furnished us by their accounts of their Tribunals’ proceedings with most excellent and humorous reading, rivalling in humour, and in some cases wit, those national laughter journals, "Punch" and "Comic Cuts." We thank you personally for your efforts on behalf of Workington Tommies, but are sorry that the local "Refusilier" jokes are to be denied to us. Thanking you in anticipation, and trusting you will find space for this letter.

P.S. – A few “Conscientious” epigrams: -

"Many are called, but some get fetched."
"I might get hurt."
"I’d rather flirt, than fight."
"We prefer good billets to bullets."
'We’d rather fight shy than fight Germans."
'We prefer wenches’ to trenches."
Workington Star and Harrington Guardian, Published 24 March 1916.
      References & Notes
  1. Sergeant W.W. Stephen, killed in action 3 June, 1916.
  2. Sergeant R. Walker, killed in action 18 November, 1916.
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