Lonsdale Battalion - New Local Recruits

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New Local Recruits

The following are the new local recruits for the Lonsdale Battalion. Five of them have already gone to camp, and the others will go by the 1-10 on Monday, the 25th:-

Raymond Haynes, 11 Carlton Road.
James William Cameron, Lonsdale Dock.
Walter Robert Marsh, 3 Chapel Street.
Lawrence William Tweedie, 3 Chapel Street.
Thomas Tremble, 1 Old Side.
James William Shuttleworth, 10 Thompson Street.
Thomas Parkinson junr., Pow Street.
Alfred Sydney, St. Paul’s Avenue, Seaton.
Angus Farragher, Lonsdale Terrace, Seaton.
Robert Arnott, Fernleigh, Seaton.
Adam Brown, Brown’s Place, Seaton.
Joseph William Charters, 10 Jackson Street, Seaton.
John Green, Pack Horse Inn, Seaton.
John Laybourne, (Low Seaton)
Robert Addison, Lonsdale House (Low Seaton)
John Harriman, 1 Geeorge Street (Keswick)
Joseph William McEwan, 11 Henry Street (Harrington)
Patrick Gilmore, 11 Curwen Street (Harrington)
Workington Star and Harrington Guardian, Published 25 December, 1914.