6 November


Lonsdale Battalion events that took place on 6 November.
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1914 (Friday)

1915 (Saturday)

  • Major Browne to Lt-Col. Machell: "I hope I shall be able to keep you supplied with a good lot of well trained men. It will, of course, be my main anxiety. ... The local recruiting for the Lonsdales, as you say, seems to have come to an end. One would have liked to have kept it up, but I think it would be folly to rely on it. I might find myself unable to meet your requirements. Lord knows how soon you may require drafts. I have sent Binning to Carlisle to stir things up, & later I shall go myself. We are now to get one third of the recruits enlisting in the counties, until we are full up." [4]

1916 (Monday)

  • Battalion situated at La Vicgone taking part in Brigade Field Day.
  • Lonsdales advance from a position south of Val de Maison and marches towards Beauval, breaking into artillery formation on the way.
  • Position south of Beauval is assaulted, breaking into extended order at Ferme du Rosel.

1917 (Tuesday)

  • Battalion situated in the Roubrouck Area involved in training.

1918 (Wednesday)


  1. The detachment proceeds to Maryport, Workington and Cockermouth over two day period where they parade through the streets to live bands. They start on Saturday 7 November and finish on Monday 9 November.
  2. John Barker (15427 Pte.) date of death is listed this day in Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-19, Volume 39, The Border Regiment and on 5 November 1918 in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database.


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